How To Make Space In A Small Closet

How To Make Space In A Small Closet – It’s a shame that a few wardrobe/fashionistas have terrible closet space. Of course, like most things in life, it’s not the end of the world, and it’s not a mistake, but it’s hard to deal with. Also, I’m a bit of a mess by nature and that’s fine, it doesn’t change overnight (but if you have any tips or magic tricks, let me know). But despite the lack of nature, even the most disorganized among us want to witness a wardrobe where every piece of clothing is carefully placed in its place. Wardrobe organization is incredibly satisfying and we all love it.

Unfortunately, my lack of organizational skills goes hand in hand with my design skills. Here’s the scoop: My boyfriend Rocky and I moved into a new place last August, and we are smitten. Now almost five months later, we still love our tiny house as much as we did when we first saw it, except for one design flaw: one (5’x3’x8′) in the entire area. There is a wardrobe. To be honest, the space is small (800 square feet) so there isn’t really room for another closet, but boy do we feel conflicted about the space. I probably won’t tell you that this causes discomfort, but more importantly, it leads to the mess and mess of an already ugly and dirty girl. Friends, the fun has just begun.

How To Make Space In A Small Closet

How To Make Space In A Small Closet

You might be wondering who I am and who is this Rocky Fella I’m listening to. Let’s fill it with water. Here we are:

Great Small Closet Organization And Storage Ideas

Now, before we go any further (and now that you can put faces to the victims of your design torture), it’s only fair to give you a peek into our closet (did we just become best friends? ??). Feast your eyes on the “before” and forgive me for not being happy with the “after” to show you…

It’s your standard (fitted) single door wardrobe, so there are things in there that we haven’t seen in months. Buying an oversized dress should solve part of the problem, because it’s incomprehensible to me to put on after a long day (again, a random person here), but I think we need a little more help than that. . So now that you’ve seen the beast, let me explain your biggest problems and give you an expert EHD approved solution.

There are no built-in shelves or hooks, and the top shelf is too high, so it’s hard to stack clothes there without them falling out. Also, it is very difficult to reach anything when the clothes come off. Aside from hanging our clothes (and the fact that we don’t have a place to hang everything), this closet has no intuitive or easy storage options.

1. MALM 3-Drawer Chest of Drawers | 2. SKUBB Shoebox | 3. Two vertical shelves cube| 4. 8 Bin Shoe Organizer | 5. Over the Door 26 Shelf Show Organizer | 6. 10-Compartment Hanging Shoe Organizer | 7. Drop Front Box | 8. 10 Pack Hooks | 9. 5 Tiered Paint Hanger

Seriously Useful Apartment Friendly Closet Organization Ideas For Renters

We like to add a small piece of clothing as #1 to store socks, underwear, swimwear, and any clothing that folds (like t-shirts). You may have noticed that most of these are shoe storage options, but I think they can be used for other purposes as well. Like #2, it can easily store clothes or shoes, and the same as #4.

We are not. Not even close, my friends. Now I want to invite you to my house before it’s over. There is nothing here.

Moreover. Showing thousands of people a picture of my unfinished bedroom feels like I’m exposing my nudity for the world to see. There’s something intimate about it, so know that if you feel uncomfortable watching it, I feel 10,000 times more uncomfortable thinking about you watching it. But here we are! And here is our next post…

How To Make Space In A Small Closet

I’m talking to you, sweaters and sweaters. Have you noticed how many sweatshirts men have? It’s because they’re lucky and can wear sweatshirts and look good in them all the time. The thing is, I also have a lot of sweatshirts and hoodies (most of them from sports I played in high school), and those things are big and hard to store. And before you ask, yes, we donate clothes, but we also know that donated clothes often end up in the trash. So we have decided to stop giving more and sell them or give them directly to people we know. We just try to buy less 🙂

Closet Organization Ideas For Saving Space And Sanity

Well guys, it’s been three years and I think it’s time to get a bed frame. I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted an extra bed, but in the end I decided on it because of the layout of our room. It is already very box-shaped, so the box bed frame looks oppressive. Instead, I choose a bed frame with enough floor space to create some storage solutions. The important thing for us is to have under bed storage that we can easily find, because I like to pull out a sweatshirt every now and then when I’m cold (and I’m a cold monster too). I wear a hooded sweatshirt. What I’m thinking is:

Pretty simple right? I like the idea of ​​#1 because it’s transparent so I want to be able to see the content, but I’m not sure I want duplicate elements. That sounds like a lot of work. #2 is something that EHD has used before (remember this post about how satisfying it is?) Same goes for #3, so I think we have our winners, folks.

It’s a shame that you can only show off the clothes you like when they’re on your body. Or is it?

I personally like the idea of ​​an open wardrobe so I can see my best clothes and shoes. I’m a very visual person so I think being able to see a few will help me get ready in the morning. Here’s what I think:

Diy Closet Organizers And How To Build Your Own

1. Red Oak Folding Clothes Rack | 2. Freestanding industrial clothes rack | 3. Levi’s Clothes Rack | 4. Clothes rack in white and light metal | 5. Cameron Clothes Rack | 6. Metal clothes rack

One thing you should know before we go any further (apart from Gus being a nice guy) all the furniture we have will be replaced at some point. When we left our last place, we got rid of all the furniture we didn’t need at all, and we were left with storage or free. The couch was given to us by our previous tenant, Rocky made our coffee table out of wood pallets, our dining table from Craigslist, our chairs from Goodwill, and all the dresses we own. I think the only thing we bought new were the nightstands (both from Target). This is going to come across as “humbug”, but I’m actually preparing myself for the fact that I know my place is nowhere near “being” and therefore give you the freedom to hate it in its current state. Don’t worry, we hate it too!

You’ve probably already guessed that we all have a lot of clothes. I won’t deny it. We’re fashion-forward people who want to express our personal style, so we invest in clothes (of course more than we invest in the accessories I’m trying to replace).

How To Make Space In A Small Closet

It’s not lost on me that it seems unusual to have clothes in the house, but it really works for us. Rocky wakes up earlier than me, so it’s the perfect situation to have him get dressed in the living room instead of our bedroom. He does now that his clothes were hung on different things. It’s just amazing.

Small Closet Organization Trick

1. Harvey Probber barbarity | 2. Bookcase| 3. Mid-Century Modern Henredon Gentlemen’s Chest | 4. Cane sideboard | 5. 1950s Danish sideboard pull | 6. Large Acorn Wood Storage Cabinet

All of these photos are aspirational and out of my budget, but I find it really helpful to search online so I have an idea of ​​what I’m looking for when I’m at flea markets or scouring Craigslist. I’ve chosen some vertical and horizontal options here because I’m open to anything, but let’s be real, #4 has my heart.

Do you do that thing where you walk into your house and take off your shoes and create dangerous obstacles in the process? I’m sure I’m not alone here, and if you’ve learned anything so far, it’s that I’m someone who likes simple cleaning methods so I don’t get myself or my loved ones in trouble.

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