How To Organize A Small Office Space

How To Organize A Small Office Space – Increase your productivity while working from home. Find out how easy it is to organize a small office and create the workplace of your dreams.

Working from home can be such a mixed blessing. No way (yes!). But if you don’t have a dedicated space to work, it can be really distracting. Hi, this is Annie from Venture1105 and I’m here with another fantastic list of ideas to inspire you.

How To Organize A Small Office Space

How To Organize A Small Office Space

I know the challenges and joys of working from home. I love the flexible working hours and the ability to work from home. But I have nowhere to focus and I’m ridiculously distracted.

Desk Ideas Perfect For Small Spaces

I scoured Pinterest and our own ideas for the home and came up with this dreamy little list. It helped me take some action. I will soon have a super organized home office too. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.

Whether you have a good office decorating budget or none at all, these ideas will be perfect for you. I’ve found tips and tricks that work for any size office, and they’re all cost-effective.

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? Lisa at Fabulous Habits created it to store receipts, but it can also store many other things. I think I would use it to organize my outstanding bills or a few notebooks that take up space on my desk.

If there’s one thing that can quickly get out of hand in a home office, it’s all the paperwork. Fortunately, Organized 31 has found a way to organize everything and where it is. And it even looks cute!

How To Make Room For A Home Office In Your Small Living Room

It’s all too easy to simply lose track of drawers. I personally put things in there and cover them. Out of sight, out of mind. However, when it comes time to find what I need, I struggle.

The next thing that will help you have a more organized home office is more storage space for things like notebooks and happy decor.

Put away the sticky notes and random papers and collect all your ideas in one place. I just love Kelly’s idea to fix up a simple notebook and make a place to jot down ideas.

How To Organize A Small Office Space

If you have a small home office like I do, every inch of space counts. So it’s genius to put all your electronics in a place where you can charge them at the same time. I didn’t realize how easy it was, but it really is.

Productive Homeschool Organization Ideas For Small Spaces Story

Speaking of which, you can hide all the cables in your home office with these great hacks. Learn how to create a space that encourages creativity and peace of mind.

How many empty staples and paper clips are strewn at the bottom of your desk drawer? Give them your own little house with this tutorial. They are so cute that you can display them on your bookshelf.

If you have a small space to work with, focus on color in your decor. A neutral theme will make your workspace appear larger than it already is.

This is another inexpensive solution for storing paper in a small home office. Hang a wire basket to collect mail and bills as they arrive.

How To Improve Your Home Office

I have to warn you, this is a really easy way to just dump the empty emails and forget about them. Go through the pile once a week.

This simple update can make all the difference in the world! Adding a different fabric to an ordinary office chair can give it a completely different look.

Finally, if you want to choose a neutral color palette for a small office, add some colors. It lights up the room and draws attention to it. This blue rug is perfect among all the whites and creams.

How To Organize A Small Office Space

This is a really cute DIY paper and pencil organizer that you can make from scrap wood and some hangers. I can see this in a homework nook, craft station or home office wall.

Ruff Draft: Spring Cleaning

Trying to organize a small home office can feel overwhelming. But you have to come up with smart ways to do it. Reuse things from home and keep only the essentials.

Here are some of our favorite home office tools to help you get your workspace off on the right foot.

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Under Desk Storage Ideas To Tidy Up Your Office

If you like these tips for organizing a small office, share them with a friend or pin them for later:

Annie is an SEO content writer who focuses on SEO strategy, editing and writing blog posts. She also helps create content and strategy for our Clutter Keeper brand and website. Annie grew up in small-town Kansas with a passion for writing and a hunger to experience the world “beyond the safety net.” Today he lives in West Virginia with his wife and family of 7 children. They have a West Virginia food and travel blog called Venture1105. With all the files, papers, supplies and general clutter, it’s hard to organize a home office. Whether you have a large study or work in a linen closet the size of a shoe box, there are many storage solutions to help you get the job done and keep your interior on track. Read on for 20 accessories for smart office organization and stylish decor solutions for a productive workspace. From now on, every last pen and paperclip will have a home.

Investing in a desk with lots of roomy drawers is a great place to start (this is a great vintage-style example from Heather Hilliard’s office), but don’t stop there. Instead of letting your drawers just hide clutter, use drawer organizers.

How To Organize A Small Office Space

Studio DB, a design firm based in New York, has experience expanding small spaces. Here, she’s optimized a small nook for a home office with wall-to-wall shelves, floating shelves, two wide built-in drawers and plenty of space to spread out while you work.

The 38 Best Desk Organization Ideas, Ever

Organization is just as important as office seating – making a first impression on visitors. In this room, Emily Henderson chose a two-tiered coffee table for extra book storage and a chic magazine rack next to the armchairs.

To avoid loose, scattered pens and pencils, interior designer Heather Hilliard chose a beautiful marble bowl to store them. The Lucite Tape Dispenser is also a stylish choice that highlights everyday office supplies.

Hecker Guthrie installed a floor-to-ceiling modular shelving system for a sleek and organized aesthetic that flows organically with the rest of this modern, sophisticated home.

Designed by Karin Millet, this colorful corner desk features a host of clever organizational solutions, from an adjustable keyboard tray to a file organizer and a space-saving light. So a way to stay organized without having to build a dedicated desk? Monitor organizer.

Tips To Organize An Office And Desktop

To keep your papers organized without storing them in large trays or cabinets, keep them in a neat pile on your desk, but keep them down with a paper weight that doubles as decor. Here, Heather Hilliard chose ones that stuck to a neutral color scheme.

A pin board, modular shelving system and tray table provide additional space for storing and organizing items in designated areas. Although not directly related to organization, the monochromatic blue color palette chosen by Miles Redd certainly helps create a productivity-enhancing mood.

Why don’t we go the old way? Jae Joo Design offers plenty of extra storage space and an easy way to stay organized with this elegant antique cabinet.

How To Organize A Small Office Space

To really get the most out of every square inch, turn an actual wall into a push stud with hinged panels. Tamsin Johnson adapted them for the awkward space under the stairs.

Creative Living Room Office Ideas

Interior designer Brooke Crew took advantage of the height in this office, with vertical space to hang notes and store books. This allows for more useful table space and a corner for supplies.

Keep cables hidden and out of the way by tucking them behind your desk with clips while you work. Then hide the router in an easily accessible closet. Designed by Studio DB, this built-in office-like cubicle with sliding perforated doors is ideal.

Designed by Tamsin Johnson, this well-appointed office is a stylish mix of modern accents and traditional essentials. More importantly, each piece provides formal and functional benefits. Take, for example, the sculptural coat rack, which keeps the study area clean and organized, but functions as art when not in use.

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Inspiring Small Space Home Office Ideas That Boost Productivity

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