How To Transfer Calls On Avaya Phone

How To Transfer Calls On Avaya Phone – Looking for a high quality and affordable Avaya digital phone? If yes, then the Avaya 1408 phone is for you.

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How To Transfer Calls On Avaya Phone

How To Transfer Calls On Avaya Phone

You must connect the telephone lines to the telephone system from your telephone company’s telephone line box with a separate wire for each telephone line (one pair / 2 wires is sufficient – 2 copper wires to the telephone socket).

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Each telephone must then have a separate home line from the digital central terminal of the IP Office to the desired location of each telephone with at least 2/4 wire pairs (ie when checking the telephone socket). you should see 4 pieces of copper).

Telephone Man of America has no consent, authorization or license rights from Avaya. All products are for end-user use and are resold without permission, authorization or license rights from Avaya.

– America’s Phone Man – Helping you manage and meet your business needs by providing high quality, affordable used Avaya IP Office Phone System equipment. In your office, you may have to transfer calls to third parties. To do this, put the phone on hold and move it to the right side. If you use the phone in the office, follow these steps to learn more about holding and transferring calls to your phone.

End the ongoing call by pressing the HOLD key. A rapidly flashing LED next to the phone/line icon indicates that you have successfully parked the call.

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While holding it down, you can press the Call/Line Appearance button or scroll to the phone and press Continue or OK.

If you want to return to a call when there is only one call on hold, you can do one of the following:

To transfer a call, the phone must be switched on. If the call you want to transfer is not your active call, or if the call is on hold, press the call/line view button for that call, then complete the following steps.

How To Transfer Calls On Avaya Phone

During an ongoing call, press the TRANSFER button. A fast flashing green LED next to the call/line button indicates that the call is being transferred.

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Then dial the phone number or call someone from your contact list or call log. Finally, press the TRANSFER button or the Complete button to transfer the call.

If you want to send an incoming call directly to your voicemail, press the To Vmail function key. Note that your mailbox must be set as the first entry in the delivery path to do this. For more information, contact your system administrator.

Here’s how to hold and transfer calls with the Avaya IP Phone 1608. We are constantly adding new tutorial videos, so don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest for updates.

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A navigation icon will appear on the phone screen to indicate that you can access additional options or information. Use the right and left navigation arrows to move to another screen when the side icon (left and right arrows) appears in the title bar, or move the cursor to the right or left when typing text.

How To Transfer Calls On Avaya Phone

The hotkeys of the function keys change according to the options available for the selected line. The OK button is the default action shortcut. For example, when you select an entry from your contact list, pressing the OK button calls that person.

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Avaya menus allow you to adjust and configure phone settings, access other network applications, get information about phone and network settings, and log out. When you press the Home button, you’ll see one of the following menus, depending on how your system administrator has configured your system and what programs you have available:

Options and Settings, or Phone Settings if the menu is customized, allows you to change phone settings, customize button titles, adjust brightness and contrast, choose a phone pattern, and more. For more information, see Settings and settings.

The browser menu contains other web applications. (If there are no web apps available on your phone, the browser menu will not be displayed.)

Network information shows an overview of your phone’s network settings and provides diagnostic information. See Viewing Network Information for more information. If your system administrator has installed web apps, this option will appear in your phone’s settings menu instead.

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Guest sign-in allows you to sign in to a phone that you are not normally assigned to access your contacts and features.

Logout allows you to log out of your phone to protect your settings or allow another user to log in. Exit will not appear unless the phone (and any associated buttons) is in idle mode.

The My Photos feature allows you to use a photo from a USB device as your phone’s wallpaper, but this feature is only available on USB desk phones.

How To Transfer Calls On Avaya Phone

You can edit the dialing number in the same way as when calling on a mobile phone – just start entering the number without hearing the dial tone. The bksp function key allows you to “edit” a number by pressing backspace before dialing it.

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Your system administrator can also assign selected features to the function keys on the phone (telephone) screen. For more information about your extension’s features and options, contact your system administrator.

*Remember. If nothing happens when you click the Contacts button, your administrator has disabled the button and its features.

If your phone has a USB connection and you have a USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive (also called a flash drive or memory card), you can log in to the phonebook anywhere in the world with the permission of the system administrator. , add a contact to your contact list from email or another computer application, and display a picture of the device on your phone as a screen saver. You can also copy your contact list from your phone to a USB stick, replace the contents of your phone’s current contact list with a USB stick, or temporarily use the contacts on a flash drive instead of the contact list. .

*Remember. Log in via USB. If you have the automatic login option for USB, you will only see the addresses of the USB device itself. Note that when using the USB input, the “Output” menu item is not available to you. the only way out of the phone is to remove the USB device.

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Go to for the latest support information, including the User’s Guide, Administrator’s Guide, Installation and Service Guide, online documentation, and downloadable software.

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