Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room – If you have a large blank wall in your home and are looking for ideas, tips and inspiration for decorating your walls, look no further!

We often have people in the gallery who are looking for ideas on how to cover the large wall in the living room. We’ve compiled a list of four types of great wall art ideas and artistic arrangements that can make a statement and instantly bring that bare wall to life.

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Let’s start with some considerations when choosing an interior design strategy. Large empty walls in a home often require large pieces of art or art sets such as triptychs to fill all or most of the space. Gallery walls have also become a popular choice and a worthy competitor for large wall art in recent years. The advantage is that they are adaptable and can grow to any scale the space requires.

Living Room Decor Ideas For A Refresh That Won’t Blow Your Budget

On a blank wall, the artwork should hang at eye level, centered between 57-60 inches. Use our handy calculator for hanging art or check out our How to Hang Canvas blog for a step-by-step guide to hanging art at eye level.

If you need to cover some serious surface area, diptychs and triptychs are definitely the way to go and are flexible enough to hang over a sofa, the top of a staircase, over a bed, or even over a bare unfurnished wall.

Another idea for decorating a large blank wall is to choose a panorama. A panorama is a piece of art that has a wider view than usual, making it a great choice for decorating large walls. Abstract art and artistic photography lend themselves well to panoramic formats. It’s easy to be completely overwhelmed by the vibrant panorama from afar, as if you’re enjoying the view.

If you follow MK Envision Galleries, you may already understand how much we love gallery walls. If you’re like us and it’s too hard to choose a favorite, gallery walls are the perfect solution! Be eclectic, mix and match, build a personal art collection or choose a theme and have fun finding additional items. Either way, it should make a big statement that will completely transform your space. Extra Large Wall Art 100% Hand Painted Oil Painting On Canvas 3d Colorful Tree Artwork Palette Knife Impasto Texture 5 Pieces Abstract Golden Paintings For Living Room Bedroom Office Décor: Posters &

For more detailed step-by-step instructions and more practical tips for hanging a gallery wall with stairs, check out our complete gallery wall guide.

Picture shelves or picture frames are another fun way to add interest to a large wall, as well as the bonus of extreme versatility. We love gallery walls because each one is unique and personalized. The beauty of picture shelves is that you get the same unique element, plus the ability to easily change multiple prints depending on the season (or whenever you want!). You can completely renovate or change the appearance of the room.

Shop our carefully curated wall gallery collections or create your own with small art prints based on your favorite theme such as coast, desert, nature or travel.

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Want to see how the image looks on your real wall at home? Click below to learn more about our free offer: If you’ve been staring at a bare wall in your living room for a long time trying to decide what to do with it, one of these six wall decorating ideas should help you out! Zmfbhfbh Chinese Oversized Wall Art Modern Living Room Wall Decor Flower Painting Large Canvas Art Wall Pictures Framed Poster Art 60x120cm(24x47in) With Frame: Posters & Prints

Do you have a big bare wall in your living room like mine? I don’t think every bare wall needs to be decorated, but I feel like this wall needs something. I’m just not sure! Looking for inspiration, I’ve rounded up six of my favorite living room wall decor ideas to share!

To the right of the bare wall in the photo above, you can see the solution I used to decorate the largest of the four walls in our living room – gallery wall art! I used ten framed art reproductions evenly spaced in a grid around our media console and TV:

Sources: TV Console (similar) | Chandelier (satin bronze) | Textured white cushion cover | Fig tree made of artificial leaves | Carpet | Pair of floor coverings | Art prints (details in | Acrylic coffee table (similar) | Coffee table tray (28″ square) | Black and white striped box (on coffee table) | Brass cricket (on coffee table) | Gray checkered throw (similar) Style | Collected Home | Book: Emily Henderson in Style | Book: Dogs

My art reproductions are in 18″ x 24″ brushed brass frames – you can’t buy my exact frames separately (my photo was sent framed) but they are very similar and come in one size and larger, or take a listen I don’t need them so much if you don’t want them.

Design Coach: What To Do With A Large Blank Wall

This same slatted wall can also be used on the large wall behind the sofa without removing the center frames, as we did for the TV. You can also create a gallery wall with a more eclectic look, such as in our home office – check out our tips on how to create your own!

Another great option for large living room walls is to hang two or three large pieces of art, such as;

I LOVE this look and these fern prints are amazing! For a cheaper option, see if you can build yourself for less money. I think making a series of frames with one continuous image is also a great idea, for example for a coastal style house:

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

A large tapestry is a great living room wall decorating idea because you can fill a large wall in one piece, adding color and texture to your space! You have to be careful with how the tapestry is hung, because some tapestries can give your room a bedroom feel, which is probably not what you’re looking for. I like a more personalized look when they are hung on a duvet rack like this one: 52”x28” Home Decor Metal Wall Art Leaves 3d Wall Hanging Artwork Decoration Gold Flower Blooming Modern Large Wall Sculptures For Living Room Bedroom Luxury Kitchen Gifts

I’ve seen a great transformation of large empty living room walls with built-in bookcases, but if that’s out of your budget, large bookcases on their own can give you a similar look! excitedly:

It also has a smaller width and configuration to accommodate a TV. Using two ends will also help:

A large floor mirror can look great on a bare living room wall, especially when placed against a window and can reflect light into the room. Absolutely stunning and has a very traditional design with an updated twist so it will look good with a wide range of décor:

Living rooms often have a lot of angular pieces—coffee tables, TVs, media consoles, etc.—so round wall-mounted baskets break things up and add texture and softness. I like the look of a group of differently shaped baskets, for example:

Wall Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Working & Living Space

From there, I got this basket (I have a large one) that sits on the shelves in our living room in North Carolina:

Instead of a group of small baskets, you can also use two or three large wall baskets such as;

I bought it to hang on the wall in our main bathroom and hang it there temporarily until I move our furniture there, but I love it here in our hallway! Our entryway is actually the next space I take on – now that we don’t have contractors walking up and down the space, I’m finally ready to install the wallpaper I’ve been holding on to for over a year. . Hold on! Do not give up…

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

So which blank wall solution do you like best? I tend to group the baskets on my bare wall because not only do I love the look, but I feel like I can always find a place to easily use them at home in the future. What do you think?

Farmhouse Wall Decor Window Mirror Shutters, Large Wall Decor, Mirror

Want ideas for decorating other rooms in your home? Check out my post on dining room wall decorating ideas! Don’t know how to decorate a large wall? Instead of looking at it as a huge bare area to be covered, think of it as a blank canvas. Opportunity. Today I’m sharing 10 wall decor ideas and examples for our home, as well as some tips and considerations as you start your projects!

Before you start filling your wall with *all things*, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Now that we’ve covered the basics and what I try to keep in mind when planning wall decor, let’s dive into 10 different ways to decorate a large wall!

If you’re trying not to spend a lot of money on a large piece, you can create wall art that can serve as one large piece for a fraction of the cost by hanging it on a gallery wall. There are many methods and many ways to do it completely.

How To Decorate A Large Wall In Your Living Room

. You can choose from a diverse collection or follow a more uniform path. In the breakfast nook, I used the same Ikea frames to showcase the iPhone.

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