What Is The Best Color To Paint A Dining Room

What Is The Best Color To Paint A Dining Room – This post has been around for a long time. After all these years of creating color palettes for paint, I’ve finally taken the time over the past few weeks to research and collect my favorite colors for furniture renovations (some of which are also great cabinet colors).

There are so many great colors to paint furniture and it was so hard for me to narrow down the list to 16 colors. I narrowed down the list based on current color trends in furniture/design and the most versatile colors (mix of warm/cool tones). Most importantly, I chose colors that were consistent across the board and looked good in as many different furniture makeovers as I could find.

What Is The Best Color To Paint A Dining Room

What Is The Best Color To Paint A Dining Room

So today’s post is twofold. 1) I wanted to share these amazing furniture colors, but 2) I also wanted to share some of my favorite color tutorials from some amazing bloggers. Many of the colors in today’s palette are based on blogger projects, so you can see examples of these colors in action below. Many of these projects have a tutorial with great step-by-step instructions on their techniques, how they painted their pieces. If there is a detailed tutorial, I will note it below the image with a link.

The 14 Best Paint Colors For Dark Living Rooms

By the way, if you’ve never painted furniture before, I’ve written a very detailed tutorial here, especially for beginners, if you’re interested in painting your first piece. Hopefully these colors will encourage you to try (do, do!!)

If you’re not sure which paint to use, I’ve broken down all the differences between milk paint, spray paint, chalk, specialty furniture paint, and traditional paint in this post. I recommend that you choose the type of varnish you want first and then the color.

Below I will divide the colors into white, neutral, light and dark and I will not show all the colors in the palette to keep this post from getting too long.

For a true white with very little or no undertone, my favorite is Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White:

Best Living Room Paint Colors 2023

If you are looking for a true white with a very slight hint of warmth, White Dove by Benjamin Moore or Benjamin Moore Simply white are good. These are also popular colors for trim and cabinets because they are extremely versatile and go with almost anything:

Krylon spray paints came out with the spray crayons that I am loving right now and they have a great selection of neutral colors. You can read all about these colors here.

One of the most versatile neutral colors is Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams. It’s almost perfect because it has just the right balance of warm gray tones. Mindful Gray is an all-star color as it always looks good on furniture, cabinets and walls as it has an almost perfect balance of warm/cool tones. I love this color so much that I want to show some examples:

What Is The Best Color To Paint A Dining Room

Here’s Mindful Gray on a piece I did for a friend and here’s my tutorial on painting a matte satin finish:

Best Paint Colors To Brighten A Room

You can see this beautiful balance of warm/cool Mindful Gray tones very easily in my craft room where I painted the cabinets this color:

For a very light gray that’s cooler and less warm than Mindful Grey, Behr’s Manhattan Mist is a great rich color:

If you’re looking for a slightly darker, cooler gray, Benjamin Moore’s Timber Wolf is a good gray for furniture (also a good cabinet color):

I also love a beautiful rich blue gray color called Eclipse by Benjamin Moore. Eclipse is another star that looks great on everything, including cabinets and furniture:

The Best Neutral Paint Colors

Coral is one of the most popular colors for furniture right now and Ardent Coral from Sherwin Williams is a beautiful coral and this is such a great example of a color from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs:

Emerald Green is trending for furniture right now and Pine Scent by Behr has become a blogger favorite and rightly so, it’s perfection. Just look at this gorgeous green from my friend Amanda Carol:

Mint is also popular right now and one of my favorite subtle yet gorgeous mint shades is Sweet Pea by Olympic, which I first discovered on Love Grows Wild:

What Is The Best Color To Paint A Dining Room

Personally, I love magenta right now, but I love it on drawers or as an accent, like this awesome remodel project from Funcycled with Benjamin Moore’s Crushed Berries paint. Crushed strawberries have a beautiful red color:

The 8 Best Light Neutral Paint Colours For Selling Your Home (staging)

Another favorite magenta color is a color called Glamorous from a great line of boutique furniture colors that I love to use called Velvet Finishes. I used the Glamorous inner drawers:

If you are interested in learning more about using Velvet Finishes Paint, you can check out my post here.

For a good true black with very little tint, Benjamin Moore Black is one of the best blacks in the world. Chris from Just a Girl has a great tutorial here on how she painted the lower console with Ben Moore Black:

For a good true navy, I like Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy. But Benjamin Moore’s Rainstorm is a beautiful warm-toned blue that is very versatile and beautiful:

Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

I haven’t featured all the colors in today’s palette, but if you want to see more examples of furniture colors, check out our Furniture Paint Color Board on Pinterest here. I also have a “Pick a Color Chart” here with over 500 colors and examples of rooms, cabinets and trim.

I hope these amazing blogger projects, tutorials and coloring books inspire you to paint something. Again, if you’ve never painted furniture before, check out my first furniture painting post. I guide you every step of the way.

Okay, what do you think? Which color is your favorite in today’s palette? Of course you know I love them all. I would love to know what color is calling your name!

What Is The Best Color To Paint A Dining Room

Thanks so much for stopping by my friends and if I inspired you to take a picture of the project send me a picture! I always love to see your wonderful works! Home → Best Paint Colors → Boys, Girls & Kids’ Rooms → 9 Best Paint Colors for Kids’ Rooms (Bedroom, Nursery, Playroom): PART 2 of 3

Best Paint Colors For The Living Room

When I have clients with children, there is often a struggle between what the child wants and what the parent wants. Children often gravitate towards colors in the “primary” – aka

These colors. And of course there’s the odd brave parent who lets her kids choose their own colors – bless their hearts. NOT THIS MOM! I’m very excited to check it out.

So what do you do when you and your baby-boo fight over nail polish colors? You are reading this…

2. If honey boo-boo insists on a dark or wild color, then choose ONE WALL for that color

Best Paint Colors For Low Light Rooms

Choose a neutral/off white/gray for the top of the walls and let them choose a color for the bottom (either their choice or what you’ve narrowed down for them). This works for a few reasons…

I don’t have photos of each of these colors in KIDS room colors, but you’ll still find the information you need along with other photos for general reference.

Stonington Gray is a beautiful light gray with subtle undertones. This is a good color for a SOUTH-facing room or a well-lit NORTH-facing room, but you might want to go a little lighter if you have a dimly lit room.

What Is The Best Color To Paint A Dining Room

BTW, in the picture above, Stonington Gray looks MUCH warmer than usual. the orange curtain color is the truest.

The 8 Best Front Door Paint Colors

Similar colors to consider: Sherwin Williams On the Rocks, Big Chill, First Star, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Stonington Gray

If you like the green or teal look, Sea Salt or Rainwashed are GREAT choices. Just be sure to read their color opinions (especially sea salt) because they can be ninjas!

If you are looking for a violet that you and your child can live with, one that is not too pushy or too passive, Lily Lavender could be just the thing!

If you’re looking for a great navy that isn’t too heavy, Newburyport Blue is AMAZING. It’s a classic navy blue look without the visual weight of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, which is just as impressive.

Stunning Paint Colors Spotted In The Real Simple Home

And speaking of swatches, you’ll no doubt be headed for swatches in the near future – stop there! I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers peel and stick paint samples that are CHEAPER, LIGHTER and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint cans. Here are just a few reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

If you’re looking for a gray with a little more meat on the legs, look no further than Chelsea Grey. It’s a HARD charcoal gray color and although you wouldn’t know it, it’s even a little warm. It also has one

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