Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

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Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

Thinking about your dream home? Some envision large backyards with swimming pools and spas, while others dream of luxury mountain homes. Some also dream of a house with a fireplace in the living room.

Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas

Fireplaces not only boast an enviable style, they are a modern luxury. It is one of the most effective additions to any home interior design. Imagine curling up on a sofa, wrapped in a cozy blanket, with a good book in hand, and a fire roaring nearby. This is the ultimate fence dream.

Whether you already have a fireplace in your living room and are looking for decorating inspiration, or you’re still dreaming about your next living space, check out these 23 fireplace-filled living room vanities.

In the center of this Pacific Palisades living room is a large fireplace under round mirrors and surrounded by potted plants. The space feels fresh and inviting thanks to countless thoughtful touches such as cushions, lush greenery, and natural wood features such as exposed beams on the ceiling and window frames. The perfect place to relax with a cup of tea by the roaring fire after a long day.

Never underestimate the power of paint. With a top-to-bottom paint job, this dark green base gives it a fun and moody feel. And we can only assume that the brick fireplace didn’t look that big before the change. The mid-century modern style elevates this space from good to great. The only thing missing is a vague throw.

Modern Living Rooms With Fireplace And Tv Together

Make sure you invest in the right kind of paint that can withstand the extreme heat of fire inside and outside the firebox.

This modern black and white living room definitely oozes luxury. But what really catches the eye are the sleek, asymmetrical fireplaces and side panels. Floating shelves on one side expand to fit the center to the opposite wall. what are we learning? Don’t be afraid to take risks like playing with an unbalanced balance.

If you don’t have a local center with all the features you need, don’t worry. To begin with, a freestanding fireplace can be made cooler and more modern. I love how this dark wood stove stands out against the fresh white walls and colorful artwork, adding to the mid-century modern feel of his living room in Portland, Maine.

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

According to). That’s evidenced in this living room, where traditional elements such as intricate moldings, built-in and antique furniture are superbly arranged in minimalist style, complemented by a sophisticated in-wall fireplace. This is also further proof that fireplaces don’t have to be fancy.

White Fireplace Ideas For A Bright Focal Point

‘Swanky’ is the word that comes to mind when you first see this trendy area. Everything about this room is textured, from the wide stone walls to the piped rug. In contrast, a bright black fireplace filled with glowing fire glass almost drips from the walls, creating additional drama.

There is no such thing as a dressing gown. It’s a great place to put your favorite trinkets and can change with the seasons (thinking of you, an evergreen wreath). Take a look at this stunning French living room, which contrasts traditional architecture with playful Terumo mirrors and modern décor such as wood handles and carved glass cloches on the mantelpiece.

This extreme center proves that fireplaces aren’t all-encompassing. The dimensions of this fireplace can easily overwhelm a room, but the fresh white paint keeps the room looking fresh. Look closely and you’ll notice modern polished stone has been used in place of wood, and there’s a built-in log nook for extra books, stacks of blankets, and pet nests. .

This living room is a perfect example of a traditional modern space. Featuring neutral rugs designed to frame a room filled with stylish leather and wood furniture. In the middle of the long wall, between dark blue floor-to-ceiling windows, is a white fireplace. Framed gallery walls line the mantelpiece. It’s an incredibly thoughtful space where every corner is left unwritten.

Chic, Cozy Fireplace Decorating Ideas

This modern Florida living room has a charming fireplace. Unlike traditional fireplaces, this contemporary design features a floor-to-ceiling dark gray stone wall unit with a large TV. A soft and comfortable space created by sharp and modern lines.

For a totally modern and dramatic look, consider a fireplace enclosed in floor-to-ceiling black ink like this. I like the stark contrast of white and cream throughout the room. The narrow alcove below houses the text and gives it an even more functional and stylish look.

This Nantucket residence is steeped in traditional décor and chic farmhouse charm. The fireplace is clearly the star of the room. The beautiful herringbone design on the inside of the fireplace immediately catches your eye. Above the mantelpiece, a round mirror hangs on the wall and two small sconce lights. All facilities are combined in shades of blue, providing a perfect contrast to the red-orange upholstered tables.

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

This cozy living room is as cool as it is beautiful. Exposed dark wood beams in the ceiling contrast with the stark white walls to frame the living space. The sofa, coffee table, and accent chair each have their own unique design features, but the fireplace is particularly eye-catching. It features an intricate sculptural design in an unusual form that feels playful and eclectic.

Elegant White Living Room Ideas For Every Home Style

This stylish and perfect living room combines the best of rustic and contemporary design, including a fireplace with contemporary tile and painted wood paneling. As an added bonus of burning wood instead of burning it, this fireplace features a concrete surround that’s styled differently than other fireplaces.

A gas outlet is required to replace the decorative log. Always double check the manufacturer before making any changes to your fireplace.

You can match your living room fireplace with wood or marble, but don’t worry about the look of a tiled fireplace until you try it. This quiet space testifies to the dynamic and interesting nature of the design. The rest of the room is decorated in neutral tones and muted colors, with an artsy fireplace front and center.

When you have a fireplace that stands out above all else, it’s not always easy to find ways to make it stylish. We love the unique idea of ​​using it as a bookshelf, seen in the designer’s historic Virginia home. Save your favorite rolls, pick a few to show off, and voila! Make sure the chimney is not working at all.

Living Room Fireplace Ideas

Another idea for an empty fireplace or fake fireplace is to fill it with candles side by side, like in this new living room. The warm light mimics the atmosphere of a fire without fuss. Find candles of varying heights and line them up from the tallest inside to the lowest outside. A decorative stump makes a great base here and looks even cooler with a drip of wax.

Bold designs require center treatments of equal thickness. Add character with bright colors around the fireplace, like this eclectic room. A charming turquoise fireplace just pops off the wall and is the entertainment this cozy space needs.

Given such a view, the living room is not the main part of this beautiful place. Many wooden elements complete the room: a coffee table, two leather chairs with wooden frames, a ceiling, and a wooden tower set in a cool crevice in the wall next to the fireplace. Two art prints hung above the fireplace complete the vibrant living room.

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

There’s something inherently cool about rustic interiors, like this Connecticut living room. Is it just us, or is that natural stone fireplace just trying to wrap you in a blanket? Great rough touch for measuring all wet surfaces around the room. Rustic stuff like this is a sure way to add value.

Modern Fireplace Ideas To Inspire A Redesign

If you want to make a big statement, use modern graphic elements to turn up the volume. Inspire this living room with bright floral wallpaper and a geometric fireplace. You can only imagine its beauty that shines like a jewel.

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