How To Organize Clothes In Small Space

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How To Organize Clothes In Small Space

How To Organize Clothes In Small Space

Your bedroom closet holds your most important clothes and favorite accessories. So why is it such a mess? It’s time to leave the clutter behind and bring some organization to your closet. We’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite bedroom closet organization ideas to help inspire you to organize yours, whatever its shape, size or condition. And they are so good, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

How To Organize A Small Closet Like A Pro

Piles of sweaters and pants on a closet shelf can look messy and disorganized. To avoid this, use shelf dividers. The shelf dividers separate the closet space and allow you to clearly distinguish different types and styles of clothes.

When it comes to closet storage, it’s important to consider all the storage you have available. Open bins are a great choice for items that need to be used regularly, while closed bins can be used to store items that are used less frequently or messier.

Not all closets need to have more than 40 hangers and more than 10 bins and bins. If your wardrobe is more minimalist, your closet should reflect that. To create a minimal bedroom closet, hang only what you will use this season and put only what you use or wear regularly in the bins. Slightly used formal wear or sportswear can be stored elsewhere in the home if you have the space.

To keep your closet fresh and clean (no matter how long it can last), use white shelves, cabinets, and walls. Shades of white combined together create a cohesive, inviting feeling and bring a sense of calm to a space that can often feel a bit chaotic.

Closet Organization Ideas Under $20

For a unique and elegant bedroom wardrobe look, use black: black shelves, hangers and storage. A monochrome wardrobe like this looks bold, elegant and uncluttered. To really make black pop, place a lighter colored garment in the middle of it.

If you want to protect your clothes from dust and dirt while keeping them visible, use glass doors and drawers. Glass doors provide protection and great visual interest (as long as you keep things tidy).

If your bedroom doesn’t have a closet or is used for something else, consider adding a coat rack to your space. Gone are the days of flimsy aluminum racks – now you can find clothes hangers that are almost as stylish as the clothes you hang on them.

How To Organize Clothes In Small Space

Good hangers can often make or break a closet space. For a luxurious look that also enhances your outfit, try velvet hangers. These luxurious hangers are slim, sleek and prevent clothes from sliding.

Organizing Your First Apartment: Closet Storage

Another ideal choice of hangers for photos are wooden hangers. These hangers give your closet a modern look and feel great. In addition, they are much more durable and long-lasting than plastic or wooden hangers.

If your shoe collection is the centerpiece of your wardrobe, make sure your closet has a place to display it. And you don’t need a lot of space to do this – one wall of shoe racks in a small closet will do just fine.

Closet doors are often seen as a curtain behind which we hide all the clutter in our closet. But if your wardrobe is well organized, why not show it off? Removing the door gives your room a fun and unique look.

A doorless wardrobe is the perfect maximalist option for a wardrobe full of colorful and patterned clothes.

How To Organize Your Closet — Closet Organization Ideas

To organize small shelves filled with various items (such as purses), use small organizers to give each accessory a place and a way to find them quickly.

Closets can be much more than boring and utilitarian spaces – they can also be decorated. One of the easiest ways to add decor to your closet is with a framed print or picture like Laura Cattano’s organizational Design image on the closet. Not only does it add personality to an overlooked space, but it also ties in with the style of the rest of your home.

For an integrated look without the high price, add a dresser to your bedroom closet. You will have extra storage and some extra shelves. But to make this look feel custom, choose drawers in a color or finish that matches the shelves in your existing closet.

How To Organize Clothes In Small Space

Few things are sadder than putting together the perfect outfit only to realize you don’t see yourself in it. A full length mirror is a must for any bedroom wardrobe, but don’t worry about where to put it – installing a bedroom door will help.

Front Entry Small Closet Organization Ideas

Lighting in bedrooms is very important, but it’s time to think beyond the boring ceiling light. Rather than cabinet lights. It will be less harsh than fluorescent pendants and will make your closet (and its contents) look more luxurious. Not to mention, you will be able to find items more easily.

If you have the space (and stylish accessories), consider using a bedroom wardrobe to display your accessories. This is an affordable bedroom wardrobe that only needs shelves – no rods, bins or drawers to deal with or install. Soon your shoes, bags and purses will be able to be displayed as a work of art.

To create as much storage space as possible in your bedroom closet, use more than one shelf to hang your clothes. Keep the lower, more accessible basket for in-season or regularly worn clothing, and use the upper basket to store out-of-season or rarely worn clothing.

Want to find what you need quickly and add some style to your closet while you’re at it? Sort your clothes by color for a rainbow effect. This works best if all the clothes organized by color are of the same type, such as short-sleeved shirts. Otherwise, you risk confusing turtlenecks with tops.

Easy Steps To Organize Closets

Another useful way to store and hang clothes is to sort them by size. Keep shorter items like shorts and tops on one side and longer items like formal wear or jackets on the other. This post may contain affiliate links. We earn a commission if you click on this link and make a purchase at no additional cost.

Organizing our small bedroom closet has always been one of my least favorite tasks in our house. Even though it is tall, I consider it a small bedroom closet because it is very difficult to reach the clothes in the back. For a while we struggled with the best way to organize our small master bedroom closet. My husband and I tried some storage containers and added a shelf underneath for our shoes. But it was never going to stay organized for long. And we were never very good at storing our shoes carefully, so our closet always looked so messy. So, finally, we decided it was time to get serious about organizing our small bedroom closet.

After researching ideas for organizing a small bedroom closet, I decided that the best way to organize our closet was to have lots of storage cubes that make things easier to put away. I knew that our habit of quickly throwing things in our closet was unlikely to change, so I figured that if we wanted to organize our closet, we would need a special container to throw our things into.

How To Organize Clothes In Small Space

My husband and I decided to use these large cube storage organizers from Walmart. They are a large gray collapsible box with a label holder from the Better Homes & Gardens collection. We used 12 storage bins for our closet and they fit our space perfectly!

Nursery Closet Organization Ideas: 15 Smart Tips To Maximize Closet Space

I love that they have room for a label so you can identify what’s in each box without pulling it out or under the shelf! Unfortunately, you can’t order online, so I had to go to a few different Walmarts in our area to get enough for our closet. But it was worth it because they helped us organize our little closet.

To keep our small bedroom closet organized and make it easier to put shoes or clothes in the closet, we categorize and label each bin. We have a separate bin for boots, sandals, trainers, sneakers, high heels and shoes. We also use some bins for bulky clothes like sweatpants and sweatshirts. A storage box for bathroom sets, then a box for bags and travel bags.

Since my husband and I shared a master bedroom closet, we made it easy to share trash cans. Our sandlies storage box holds my and my husband’s shoes, as well as our sneaker box.

We also have a storage box for shoes that we don’t use very often. Whenever Payless went bankrupt, I was still working in the corporate world and loved wearing the aforementioned nude sneakers. Then

Storage Ideas For Small Closets

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