Behr Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

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Gray is a very important color! No matter what argument you hear about the ins and outs, the truth is that gray isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Behr Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Behr Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Gray is a versatile neutral that can come in cool or warm variations. The warmest gray colors, that is, gray and beige are mixed together.

Warm Winter Grays Color Palette

Coordinating decor around a soothing neutral gray background is a breeze, which is why real estate agents turn to this color when looking to sell a home quickly. But even if you’ve already found your sweet home, grays make it easy to change your style without a lot of work.

Paint manufacturers know that gray is money, so there are hundreds of shades of gray. Never fear! I’ve curated the best beige colors for you, so you can pick your favorite and start painting!

Cracked Pepper is a well-balanced deep charcoal gray. This is a low LRV 8 with black and bold color. Cracked pepper can make a strong statement on its own, but it’s a great background for your favorite bright and spicy colors.

Plumber is a light silvery gray that comes out on the cool end without coming across as blue. With the new LRV 74, you have many options to use this color and help you invite light into the room.

Forest Greens Color Palette

Falcon Gray is a warm gray in the medium to dark range. This is one of those chameleon grays that can change its look dramatically depending on your lighting conditions. Because of the warmth, Falcon Gray has a lot of flexibility as a neutral and creates a good contrast with warm white or off white. Its LRV is 25.

Graceful Gray is a beautiful earthy gray color – a combination of gray and beige. Medium gray is a little black, LRV 47. Graceful Gray gives comfort to the room, which is a real complement to the gray.

Elemental Gray is a balanced gray color that brings an earthy effect to the room. Close to the blues in this color brings cool tones, white and cream are excellent choices. Elemental Gray has an LRV of 35.

Behr Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Dolphin Fin is a medium to light gray color that you can use almost anywhere. It goes well with monochromatic gray decor and works well with gray in natural wood and stone. Dolphin fin has LRV 59.

Popular Mineral Gray Paint Colors

Natural gray is a warm gray color that looks very modern. Fans of this color love it because they don’t have the purple color that can be dangerous when working with gray. Natural gray blends easily with other colors. LRV has 53.

Chic gray, as the name suggests, is a sophisticated and urban light gray. This is a cool color that looks beautiful with metallic parts. Pair it with black and white for instant elegance. Chick Gray has LRV 60, which is the range that many decorators choose to respond to all lighting conditions.

Silver Feather is a balanced light gray that draws attention – normally light, silvery grays are cool, but Silver Feather is more neutral. This will make it easier for you to coordinate colors with your palette. Silver Feather has 71 LRV.

Solemn Silence is a cool, classic light grey. This is the color to go for when you want gray that reads gray, no crazy tricks. The high LRV helps keep the 68 from looking like a dark cave.

Behr’s Color Of The Year 2023 Is All About Versatility And Tranquility

Mineral Charcoal is a warm, deep charcoal gray with chocolate undertones. It is a great color for accents, focal walls or cabinets. Due to the depth of the coal mined, it also works as an exterior paint. LRV has 15.

Gray clothing is a beautifully balanced gray with just a hint of warmth. This is a solid neutral mid tone that will serve you well in a variety of situations. He is equally happy with warm and dark woods or cool navy blues as decorative companions. Gray suit has a near perfect LRV of 59.

Planetary Silver is a medium gray that pairs well with greens and blues. It’s still a nice balanced color without looking gray, so it’s good for situations where you want a more traditional gray. Planetary Silver has the LRV 62, which is one of the most popular trim lines you’ll hear about.

Behr Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value. It is a way of measuring how light or dark a color is. The scale ranges from absolute black, which is 0, to pure white, which is 100. The LRV numbers are listed in this article so you can easily compare the colors on the list.

Behr Premium Plus 8 Oz. #bxc 17 Dominant Gray Satin Enamel Interior/exterior Paint & Primer Color Sample B370316

Gray is a color with real staying power and appears on bestseller lists year after year. If you’re not sure where to start, go with a light gray—it’s easy to rework or mix with other colors after you change your mind. If you’re feeling confident, bold charcoal gray can make a bold design statement that’s fun and trendy. Good picture!

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Do you have questions about some of our favorite shades of beige but can’t find the answer? I hear you and I’m here to help.

Specializing in Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore painting, I wanted to do some work with BEHR to answer your questions about some of their most popular colors:

Behr Chic Gray Paint Reveal (+ The Best Order Of Painting A Room)

Now, I don’t do online color consulting specifically with BEHR (BM and SW only) and I don’t know their colors intimately, but this info should definitely help. And while I’m usually SAUCY lil’ Ginger, these blog posts will make it easy to get started on your next painting project.

BTW, since I don’t use Behr paint and only use photos from my e-design clients, I don’t have photos of these colors in action, but I’ll show you the comparison colors for a general idea.

The sample color schemes below are approximate only. Click on the highlighted red color name to view it on the Behr website.

Behr Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Dolphin Fin is a slightly warm gray – not the traditional warmth of a taupe, but certainly not cool. It’s what I call ‘Storm Grey’. In LRV 59, the dolphin fin is a light dark gray, but a slightly heavier light color, not a bright cool.

Color Of The Month: Broadway

Any gray has good undertones, and while Dolphin Fin is no different, the tone is completely passive and similar to Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray.

A drop of silver gives a lighter approach to gray. S LRV 69 is light gray – unwashed but not as chunky as a dolphin’s fin. And I could see right away that Silver Drop is one of the ninjas – the gray color can hold 3 cool tones with a little encouragement, although it favors the green a little. The appearance of this color can be easily affected by room exposure, interior decoration and even personal perception!

You’ll also notice that Silver Drop is WARM compared to other cool gray paint colors, especially without hitting the gray end of things.

Misty Coast is one of my favorite Behr Greys. It’s cool but not snow, more of a soft blizzard with a very soft, subtle blue tone that can sometimes seep into the tea…but barely.

Favorite Interior Paint Colors

Misty Coast has LRV 68, which is well placed in the light range. However, if you ask me, it looks like it should have a slightly lower LRV, but that thought might just be due to turbulence.

Silver City has a little more meat on its bones with the LRV 57. It’s still in the light range, but it’s a harsh light, so it might not be the best for a dark room.

As far as colors go, this bad boy is “relatively” neutral, but that means it can easily be done with exposure, interior finishing, and personal perception. I can see from the cool tones it prefers a little cooler green/tea.

Behr Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

There’s no doubt you’ll be out to pick up the color palettes in the near future – hang in there! SAMPLIZE shell and I want you to check

Trend Color Spotlight: Blue Metal

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