Best Paint Color For Living Room Walls

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Color is an important factor in how you feel about your space and the design of your room. Choosing a color that lifts your mood is important, but the options are endless, so it’s a challenge.

Best Paint Color For Living Room Walls

Best Paint Color For Living Room Walls

But don’t worry. We talked to interior design and interior paint color experts to gather the best living room paint color ideas.

The Best Neutral Wall Colors In 2023

We spoke to several image and interior design experts to prepare this guide. In this living room paint color guide, you will hear:

White is one of the color options for living room paint. Pure white walls are classic, simple and clean. It creates a relaxing atmosphere and can be decorated with attractive furniture or accent colors. White is especially good in small spaces and makes the space look clean and modern.

Shoji White is a new color developed by Sherwin Williams, a heavyweight in the American paint industry. It has white and beige pigments and is a full body shade.

Jennifer Walter explains why it is the favorite color of many interior designers. “This is the perfect choice for those trying to avoid gray. It plays well with light and shadow, so your home looks great no matter which direction it faces.”

Fresh Blue Green Paint Colors For Interior Wall

Chantilly Lace is a popular white dye that has been around for years. Ashley Daubert shares her nostalgic thoughts on color. “Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is not only the brand’s classic and best-selling color in history, but also the most used color at Beam.”

Cool Moon is a cool, bright, white paint that can brighten up any family room. White is elegant and always in style, and is one of the most popular colors for living room walls.

Suitable for both hot and cold climates. This simple white image is the perfect background for any design or color scheme you choose.

Best Paint Color For Living Room Walls

This decadent white paint was developed by the Jolie Color Circle and created for walls and cabinets by its creator. This is a clean white paint with warm neutral undertones that will add a nice glow to any room in your home.

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As the name suggests, Whipped is a pure white paint designed to go creamy smooth on living room walls. It is a suitable color for rooms facing north. It is an adaptable shade that works well with various architectural elements.

These two neutral paint colors can transform any space into a peaceful oasis. These light, almost yellow colors create a welcoming, spacious and relaxed atmosphere in any living room design.

Back Drop’s Harvest Moon paint color is light beige with attractive yellow pigments. It can complement warm whites and grays very well.

Sugar Cookie is a creamy white paint often used in living rooms. It has a warm apricot note that brightens any home. Maria DeCotis has this color in her home. “I have Benjamin Moore Sugar Cookies in my living room and it’s the perfect warm white. It looks great with all the wall tiles.”

The Most Popular Living Room Colours Of 2023

It’s a warm paint color that transforms any room into a sanctuary of deep relaxation. “The Greek Villa has a soft, warm neutral tone that matches any setting or design aesthetic,” explains Karen Rohr.

This pale beige paint by Clare has a warm color and would look great in a living room.

This timeless paint by Benjamin Moore is a creamy blonde. It’s a feast for the eyes and looks like a Sugar Cookie shade. This shade neutralizes incoming light, so it’s perfect for a north-facing room.

Best Paint Color For Living Room Walls

Dark shades help add luxury to any space. Black complements many colors and makes a room feel more spacious. It also distributes light well. However, make sure to use black in areas with lots of windows so it doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

Living Room Color Schemes For A Cozy, Livable Space

Tricorn Black is a classic black paint color that adds class and elegance to any living room. Jennifer Guerin adds: “I love the Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black behind the wall-mounted TV so I don’t have to look at a giant black screen.”

Clare’s Blackish paint can be used as an exterior or interior paint. It’s not as dark as true black, but it works well as a background color for any room.

This is a light charcoal color paint that adds warmth and depth to any living room wall.

Gray is a versatile color. Dark shades add warmth to the living room, while cool, light gray tones make the room feel a little more spacious. Gray is perfect for homeowners who prefer a limited color palette. They can liven up their space with bold accessories to help accent plain white walls.

How To Pick The Best Paint Colors For Every Space In Your Home

Sherwin Williams paint is white and pastel. It features a lavender blend and is one of the most popular light gray paint options on the market. Karen Rohr adds: “Quicksilver is a bit cooler and great for keeping a room white and airy, but it also opens up the space to feel bigger.”

This is a light gray paint with blue elements. It goes perfectly with pure white and dark gray.

Charcoal Linen is a dark gray paint with indigo elements. It is a more saturated color and pairs well with off-white and off-white. According to Karen Billman, Charcoal Linen is one of her favorite colors. “I’m renovating a small living room for a client, and we chose Benjamin Moore Charcoal linen for the accent wall.”

Best Paint Color For Living Room Walls

Comfort gray is an interchangeable color. Not blue, not gray, not green. It changes color depending on the angle of the light. “Comfort Gray is one of those neutrals that can bring a cool vibe to a space, and it’s perfect for opening it up and making it feel bigger,” says Karen Rohr.

Paint Colour Ideas For Your Living Room

The color of this paint is a mix of beige and gray. This rich hue can add cool color to an already deep room or add warmth to an area that needs it. This is one of the colors of 2022.

Blue walls give a sense of calmness and peace. Blue has a cooling effect in a room. It’s usually a versatile color and can match most home decor styles or furniture colors, so whether you go for navy blue, dark blue or a light shade, it should go well with your existing furniture.

Hail Navy by Benjamin Moore is the closest shade of blue to black. This color has a velvety texture and is grey. Karen Billman explains why navy blue is so popular with interior designers and architects. “It works really well with dark wood panels and white paint and provides a beautiful backdrop that allows bold prints to stand out.”

It is a cool blue color with gray undertones. The Early Stuff is the perfect shade of blue that instantly adds elegance to any space.

The 16 Best Accent Wall Colors For 2022

Clare’s Blue Ivy instantly brings life to any room or accent wall. Applying a medium shade of blue to your living room walls will give your space a calm and peaceful feel.

Aqua Interesting by Sherwin Williams is a light blue shade that can be paired with gray for a colorful look in any living room. “It’s one of my favorite neutrals, which I like to call ‘funny’ because it’s still muted but has enough impact to give the space more character,” adds Karen Rohr, interior designer at Mackenzie Collier.

This paint is royal blue and this blue color helps to reflect the light relative to the room. Formentera adds space to small rooms and makes large rooms more intimate.

Best Paint Color For Living Room Walls

Green is a vibrant color used to stimulate creativity and improve productivity in living environments. It has a calming effect for indoor and outdoor use, on living room walls.

Best Paint Colors For Rooms With Natural Light

“Many designers use green as a neutral color in their designs, from deep forest green to olive,” says Amber Dunford, fashion director of

If you’re looking for shades of yellow and green, Retreat by Sherwin Williams is your best bet. It is a cool neutral color that can be combined with neutral furniture. “We love this color because it’s very green, because it’s too dark in a room and it can be intimidating for homeowners,” says Jennifer Walter.

This shade of green is not so much bright as it is muted

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