Best Way To Organize Clothes In A Small Space

Best Way To Organize Clothes In A Small Space – After we moved into our lake house for the next few months while we were building a new home from scratch, we had to downsize and remodel many areas of our home and life in order to use things in a small space. Although there is still plenty of square footage of the closet, we went out of each to make our own 40″ PAX built in closets to share a closet space. . In addition, the linen closet is too small and the bathroom needs less maintenance than usual. So, our bedroom closet is stocked with sheets/bedding/towels/medicine, etc. Also, we don’t have dedicated home office space in the closet, so the closet also houses our file cabinet and my printer!

With so much work to do in what is essentially a small space, I had to get creative with my storage and organization solutions, and today I’m sharing five tips for finding and storing in in a small space to use. for storing many things.

Best Way To Organize Clothes In A Small Space

Best Way To Organize Clothes In A Small Space

The first step is to really go through all your old clothes and other things you need to get rid of – just what you need, what you like and what you don’t. to use, take, save. Don’t worry about things out of guilt or responsibility (if you need more help with this idea, check out my 10-week challenge plan here).

Walk In Closet Organization Ideas — Bedroom Closet Ideas

When we were ready to leave, we cleaned our clothes, linens and toiletries. Then we moved I did it again. Getting rid of things I don’t wear, use, or out of date has made a huge difference in allowing us to fit everything into the small storage rooms in our closets. .

I went in and removed a bunch of clothes from the mix, which is very important when working with a small amount of storage. I am donating all of these clothes to a local thrift store.

We haven’t done this well, but it’s a strategy I’ve used in the past and I know some of my friends are using it. Put open “winter” or “summer” items in boxes and store them until the season when you need them and replace them. It can save you a lot of space in your closet!

This is a big change for us. When we first moved in, my room was full of boxes and things were messy and out of order. I bought a few units on sale (one was in our “cleaning closet” and it helped control the clutter and gave me a better way to organize my extras ( rugs, towels, and medicines, etc.)) as well. I feel good opening the closet doors and knowing that everything has a place. Before I did this closet, it was a mess…

The Best Way To Organize Clothes In A Small Closet

A few years ago, when I shared my first PAX closet (in our old lake house), I had a reader recommend using these hangers to organize the space. I had never seen them before, but recently I saw boxes of them at Costco and decided to make the switch. These stickers really make a big difference in your storage closet, unlike the old plastic sheets. I highly recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already!

You can use these hanging hooks below – they make a huge difference in the amount of things you can hang in a small closet.

This is the same phrase I used over and over in my 10 Week Planning Challenge. Get everything. Mama Sort by categories, such as Then select the bags or boxes you need to collect the same items for storage. Don’t just go shopping for boxes and bags before you know what you have and what you need to store! Our towels are mostly in gray bags on the top shelf, but I put a few towels in my storage unit. I used small boxes for medicines and clothes that were not usually available. Everything works and looks neat hidden in boxes and bags!

Best Way To Organize Clothes In A Small Space

Before we organized this closet, it was a mix of boxes and things, above and below our hanging space…

Organizing Solutions For Your Small Closet

I can’t tell you how much of a relief this piece of our closet has brought to our organization and use! I would love to do a few more closet and organizational projects in our new space before school starts after work. August is the best time of year to get organized… no matter what your back-to-school is. If you want to organize your whole house, be sure to check out my Ten Week Planning Challenge – thousands of people have taken this challenge and loved it!

And today, some of my friends are also sharing their closet and community posts! Be sure to check out their posts by clicking the links below each photo.

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Small Walk In Closet Ideas To Optimize Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is home to your most important and favorite clothes. So why does it often get in the way? It’s time to get rid of the clutter and bring some organization to your closet. We’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite organization ideas to inspire you to declutter your stuff, no matter the shape, size, or situation. And it’s so good, you wonder how you ever lived without them.

Sweaters and pants can be messy and cluttered on closet shelves. To avoid this, use partitioning. Divider shelves separate the closet space and allow a clear demarcation between clothing types and styles.

When it comes to closet storage, it’s important to consider all the resources available to you. Open bags are the best choice for items that need to be worn often, while closed boxes can be used to store rarely used items or accessories.

Best Way To Organize Clothes In A Small Space

Every room doesn’t need 40+ hangers and 10+ drawers and bins. If you’re wearing less, your wardrobe should reflect that. To create a small bedroom, it depends on what you wear in that season and only boxes and boxes that you use or wear often. Formal clothes that are not worn all the time or sports clothes can be stored elsewhere in the house if you have the space.

Ways To Maximize Closet Space For More Storage

Use white shelves, cabinets and walls for a clean and tidy closet (not too many clothes can be stored in it). The same color of white creates a sense of harmony and balance and brings a sense of peace to a space that often feels a little chaotic.

For a beautiful bedroom, use black-black: black shelves, hangers and storage. Such a monochrome dress will feel smooth, comfortable and put together. To create a pop of black, highlight your lightest color in the middle.

If you want to protect your clothes from dust and dirt, use glass doors and drawers while you can still see them. Glass doors provide protection and great visibility (if you keep things clean).

If your bedroom has no closets or is used for other purposes, consider adding clothes racks to your space. Long gone are the days of flimsy aluminum shelves – now you can find clothes racks that look like the clothes they live on.

Simple Tips For Small Hall Closet Organization

Beautiful decorations can often make or break a room. For a stylish look that will enhance your outfit, try hanging buttons. These high hangers are small, comfortable and prevent clothes from slipping.

Another great option for pictures is wooden hangers. These hangers will bring a stylish look to your closet and look good too. In addition, it is more stable and durable than plastic or wooden panels.

If your shoe collection is the biggest part of your closet, make sure you have room in your closet to display it. And you don’t need a lot of space for this – a wall with shoe racks will be great in a small closet.

Best Way To Organize Clothes In A Small Space

Closet doors are often seen as a curtain behind which to hide all our things. But if your closet is well organized, why not show it off? Removing the doors gives your bedroom a nice and unique look.

How To: Organize Your Closet

A room without a door

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