Decorating A Living Room With Corner Fireplace

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When creating a cozy atmosphere is at the top of the agenda, there’s nothing like a beautiful fire to bring warmth – figuratively and literally – to a room, but to what extent do you think?

Decorating A Living Room With Corner Fireplace

Decorating A Living Room With Corner Fireplace

Maybe you’re short on wall space, or have an unused nook you’d like to maximize. Maybe you have already installed your favorite fireplace ideas but feel like creating a corner as a second point.

Fireplace Decor Ideas That Will Warm Your Hearth

Or maybe you’re in the mood for something different. Whatever your reason, one thing’s for sure, you won’t be “thinking” for long – our short list of designs will have you inspired in no time.

So you’ve decided you need a fire. Another question. Can I get one? Essentially, the answer is yes. “Today there are so many options, you’re no longer limited by traditional rules, everyone can have a fireplace,” said interior designer Christina Carlton. Well that’s good news.

Contrasting tiles are a great way to accentuate your corner fireplace. We love how the black metro tiles complement the interior of the fireplace against a beautiful white mantel for a traditional fireplace. A pair of sconces creates symmetry and when lit, casts a warm glow – useful for hot days when you want some cozy feeling, but can’t have the heat of the fire! Space designed by Becca Interiors and photographed by Ricky Snyder.

In large rooms, you can increase the proportion of your corner fireplace without the risk that it may be out of place. This beautiful design is elevated in the form of thin white panels topped with a large mantel made of reclaimed wood. It’s also a good idea to raise the firebox up a bit; It brings the flame up to the eye line for the quiet people on the couch… a much smoother face than the TV, don’t you agree?

Small Living Room With A Corner Fireplace Ideas You’ll Love

Fire can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, but if you’re behind there are ways to create more subtle results. Hilary Quinn, owner of Grace Oak Designs, says, ‘Try to keep tile, stone or brick to a minimum and keep the walls colorful. . ‘The white brick color provides texture and visual interest without overwhelming the space. You could try changing the mantel for something stylish but understated – think clean lines and natural materials”.

This spectacular fireplace was co-designed by Arbor & Company. The three-sided fireplace is placed off-center, creating the illusion of a long flat wall and making the room feel spacious… with the added benefit of being able to see the flames flickering to the right from every angle. Leather sofas, woven fabrics and succulent houseplants bring warmth to the black lacquered brick walls, creating the perfect blend of industrial and homey vibes. We love it, we love it!

As an obvious heating benefit, the corner fireplace essentially creates a ‘fifth wall’ in the room which can be useful, as seen in Christina Carlton’s design; “The family that lives in this house likes to gather in the evenings, but the high ceilings, floor tiles and large windows and doors make it difficult to heat their living room during the season. It is sky and there is no clear space. TV, either. By installing an oven in the corner, we have a We also get an interesting TV mount.’ It doesn’t have to be hard work at home; ‘We use gasless air vents that don’t require a stove or heat exchanger,’ says Christina. Nice to know!

Decorating A Living Room With Corner Fireplace

Think about what material you want to place in the corner of your fireplace – wooden panels are a good choice for covering large areas, while patterned tiles create interest, for example. Here, both are used to good effect. The high ceilings are accentuated by taking all the panels to the ceiling, while the eye-shaped tiles draw the eye down – we love how the soft furniture complements the color of the fireplace tiles and the walls add a cohesive feel. to the rest. An eclectic concept.

Angie’s Corner Fireplace Design With Stacked Stone

We’re all about bringing the outside in, but now it’s all about bringing the outside in… Designing a living room on your veranda is trendy, complete with a fire pit outside! Do you act? Maybe, but they have become popular in the developed world; ‘We like to treat the outdoor space as an extension of the home; They need to be comfortable and functional, and there’s nothing like a fireplace, says designer Laura Umansky, founder and CEO of Laura U Design Collective. Top Tip – Make sure your fireplace is covered so you can enjoy it regardless of the weather!

You don’t need a corner to create a ‘corner’ fire in your living room… you can create your own with a little imagination in real estate. This stunning design has a futuristic feel with its bold triangles and sleek tile finish. Living room ideas don’t get more cozy and cool than this.

There is something inherently inviting and cozy about natural stone, and a corner fireplace is a great way to incorporate it into a room. We love the mix of rustic and modern in this stylish idea—designed by Mindy Geyer and photographed by Vanessa Lentine—where a small mantle lets the stone do the talking, while dark colors, natural textures, and greenery all hint at the great outdoors. .

A fireplace or wood stove can be like a strong fire and can save a lot of space if you live in a small room; They don’t need an environment so they can fit into the tiniest of nooks. . Designer Regan Baker shows that they can also work well in large, modern spaces; “We wanted the fire to be a focal point, so we made a pedestal for it that rises from the ground level. Now you can see the flames coming out of the fire when you sit on the sofa, which looks comfortable and at home,” he said.

Living Room Corner Ideas

Don’t knock the oven until you’ve tried it, so we say. This visual design proved that it can be done in a beautiful way that is not too intense. ‘We chose opaque tiles from Tabarka Studio which match the vintage feel of the room but also add a modern touch,’ says designer Samantha Blake.

In addition to being a beautiful design, double-sided fireplaces are a great way to break up an open-plan living room, but they can be overwhelming. too big And expensive. Modern designs achieve a similar effect by sitting neatly in the corner and creating a sense of continuity between the two rooms with glass on either side. Placing a mirror on top gives the impression of “looking in,” adding to the illusion.

If you’re lucky enough to have an existing fireplace, a little updating is all it takes to balance the old and new work. ‘Tis best to paint the bricks; Use a good pigmented sealer first, then cover with your favorite color of paint – black or white always looks good’, says Daniel Morris, founder of Fire & Pom. It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard work; ‘Bricks are easier to paint than walls, they are more fashionable. Just remember to use the right brush, it makes the job easier and more fun too. You can try stove whitewashing for a DIY solution that gives great results.

Decorating A Living Room With Corner Fireplace

It depends on the style of corner stove that you go for. Some are placed at a 45 degree angle in the corner of the room. “The downside of this fireplace is that you lose part of the wall on either side in the corner you choose, resulting in a smaller space,” says Claire Beard, founder of Claire Lynn Home. . You also need to consider fire protection when installing, which may increase your site’s requirements; Fireplaces must be at least 36 inches from unprotected walls. If they have a layer of protection, it can be reduced to 12 inches, said Josh Mitch, founder of Air Conditioner Lab.

Modern Living Rooms With Fireplace And Tv Together

If your room allows, more modern, box-like designs are a sophisticated spatial option. These can fit square in the corner of a wall and often have glass sides that create the illusion of extra space.

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