How To Block Phone Calls On Iphone

How To Block Phone Calls On Iphone – Do you want to block calls on Apple iPhone without adding the contacts to the list? Here are some ways to do it.

IOS makes it easy to block people from calling you by providing a simple contact list. But what if you want to temporarily block incoming calls or prevent unknown numbers from reaching you on your iPhone?

How To Block Phone Calls On Iphone

How To Block Phone Calls On Iphone

Fortunately, instead of blocking numbers on iPhone, you can use other methods to block unwanted calls. This article will guide you through each.

How To Block Spam Calls On Android & Iphone?

If your iPhone is running iOS 15 or later, Outlook is a great way to block unwanted calls and text messages. It includes Do Not Disturb (DND) from older versions of iOS and comes with several basic profiles — work, exercise, driving, etc. — that you can change quickly depending on the activity.

Focus on blocking all incoming phone and FaceTime calls, including those from messaging apps like WhatsApp. Open the Control Center (swipe down from the top left of the screen) to enable focus.

Then long-press the key to select the direction you want to activate—for example, Do Not Disturb. Click on the icon to specify how long you want it to run first – for example 1 hour.

With the Focus profile active, your iPhone will mute incoming calls when callers receive multiple signals. The recent list in the phone app shows all the contacts or phone numbers that have tried to contact you up to that point.

How To Stop Calls On Iphone Without Blocking

Instead of blocking all calls, Direction allows all or specific people to reach you. To do this:

1. Open your phone’s Settings app, tap the icon and select Do Not Disturb or the default profile you want to change – for example, Work.

2. Click People in Notifications and add contacts that can call you when the focus is active.

How To Block Phone Calls On Iphone

3. At the bottom, tap Call and Accept to determine whether you want to allow the call to everyone, your loved ones, or a specific contact group. It also allows redialing to accept calls from the same number.

This New Ios 13 Feature Stops Strangers And Spam Callers From Ringing Your Iphone

Alternatively, switch to the Apps tab to display apps that can send notifications when the focus is active. Back to the main Focus screen, you can set it to work on schedule or automatically. Learn more about using Focus and building custom profiles on iPhone.

Note: If you’re still using iOS 14 or earlier, Settings is only available as Do Not Disturb on your iPhone. To do so, open Controls and click on the moon icon. To turn Do Not Disturb mode on, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb.

Enabling Airplane Mode on your iPhone is another way to block incoming calls and SMS without using contacts blocked by iOS. It works by disabling the iPhone’s cellular capabilities. Anyone who tries to contact you will get an unreachable phone answer.

Airplane mode turns off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios, but you can choose to turn them on if you want. This is a great option if you want to avoid distractions. However, unlike Focus, you can’t let certain people get to you.

How To Block A Number On Iphone

To enable Airplane mode on your iPhone, open Control Center and tap the airplane icon. Now turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections if you want your iPhone to keep its functionality.

To turn off Airplane Mode, go back to Control Center and tap the airplane icon. Another way to turn Airplane Mode on and off is to open the Settings app and use the Airplane Mode toggle at the top of the screen.

Suffering from robocalls on your iPhone? Or do you reject it when people who are not on your list call you? As long as your iPhone is running iOS 13 or later, you can enable built-in features to deal with unknown callers. To be able to:

How To Block Phone Calls On Iphone

Anytime you receive a call from a number that isn’t on your phone list, your iPhone automatically silences the call and sends it to your voicemail. You can receive calls from any number in your recent list.

How To Unblock A Blocked Number Or Contact On Your Iphone

If you want to know more about spam calls, consider using the Call ID or Caller ID app for iOS.

The iPhone’s silent mode won’t stop the call, but it will silence the ringer. Consider an easy way to not answer a call without using the options above. Use the ring/mute button on the left side of the iPhone case to toggle the mute mode on and off.

If your iPhone is stuck in silent mode, you can also choose to turn it off. To do this, open the Settings app on your phone and tap on Sound & Haptics. Then turn off the switch next to Vibrate on silent.

If you want to mute a specific contact or contact, you have the option to purchase and use a mute option.

How To Filter And Block Spam Phone Calls On Iphone

1. Open the iTunes Store on your iPhone and search for Quiet Ringtones. So, check out and buy a silent voice.

2. Open the Contacts app and select a contact. Then click on edit button, click on ringtone and set the silent ringtone you bought.

If you’re using another Android or iOS device, you can block iPhone calls and forward them to another phone using a feature called Call Forwarding. If this is what you want to do:

How To Block Phone Calls On Iphone

2. Turn on the switch next to Call Forwarding. Then enter the phone number you want to forward the call to and press Return.

How To Block Spam Calls On Iphone (2023)

To turn off call forwarding later, go back to the top screen and turn off the switch next to Call Forwarding.

When you use all the methods mentioned above, it is easy to block calls on iPhone without any problem.

Focus can be good for many, but the rest have different uses depending on the situation. Don’t forget to try it.

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How To Block And Unblock Numbers And Contacts On Iphone (2022)

Did you like this tip? If so, check out the YouTube channel for our sister Tech Tips Online. We cover Windows, Mac, software and apps, and have tons of troubleshooting tips and videos. Click the button below to sign up! Being able to communicate with people all over the world from anywhere is amazing. Being able to message your family directly from your iPhone is great, but there are growing problems. Not only can you connect with your friends or family, but the calls and text messages are increasing at an alarming rate. Fortunately, Apple has created a number of tools that help block calls and messages on the iPhone.

After the release of iOS 13, Apple introduced a new feature to help prevent bots from bothering you. This feature will continue to be available in iOS 15, and is an easy way to avoid irritation. Here’s how to enable the ability to mute unknown calls:

There is a slight catch if you enable this feature. If your friend gets a phone number trying to call you, it’s possible that your iPhone isn’t turned off. This is especially true if you use a delivery service like DoorDash or Uber Eats and the person delivering wants to talk to you. But if you don’t use a forwarding service, this feature can be used to block unwanted calls.

How To Block Phone Calls On Iphone

Unfortunately, robocalls are not the only problem as the number of spam text messages is also increasing rapidly. While you can block emails completely, Apple has another feature that allows you to filter the messaging app to separate known senders from spam.

How To Withhold Your Number On An Iphone

If “Filter anonymous notifications” is enabled, you want to make sure that your Messenger app only shows conversations from people on your list. Here’s how to filter conversations in the Messenger app:

After filtering the results, you can switch between the topics you like and the ones you don’t want. This also makes it easier to go through the list and block numbers you don’t want to receive messages from.

When it comes to spam and robocalls, everyone’s biggest problem is how to stop them. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on third-party apps from the App Store. Instead, Apple integrates functionality into your iPhone, making life easier and helping you block unwanted calls.

Then, your contact will be completely blocked and you will not be able to send you messages or call you.

How To Call Someone Who Blocked Your Number On Iphone

If you receive unwanted text messages, you can choose to block the contact to stop future messages from entering the messaging app. Here’s how to block unwanted text

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