How To Design An Office Space Layout

How To Design An Office Space Layout – According to the latest research from the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), nearly 70 percent of Americans work in open floor plans. Tired of cramped cubicles and dark corner desks, workers want to break free!

So, everyone’s happy now, right? Not so much: New data shows that this style of workplace leaves many employees feeling distracted, unproductive, overexposed and overwhelmed.

How To Design An Office Space Layout

How To Design An Office Space Layout

This video explains why some say open office layouts are a total productivity killer.

The Rise Of Shared Office Spaces For Modern Professionals

We spoke to three office planning experts who say there are two key questions that can help businesses find the balance:

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between open and closed office styles, the role of the facilities manager in office planning, and some tools and resources you can use to help with this process.

Do an online search for “open office design” and you can witness the debate for yourself. You’ll find some professionals discuss the benefits of this style, while others claim it takes away privacy and adds audible and visual distractions.

Derek Hill, project manager at Office Space Planner, has seen the trend of open-plan office design grow rapidly as a way to increase productivity, but also save money on real estate.

Transitioning To An Open Office Workplace Floor Plan And Layout

“We’ve seen a 20 to 40 percent reduction in real estate costs for companies that plan to open offices and downsize workspaces,” he says.

Traditional enclosed floor plans often include private conference rooms and sometimes high-walled cubicles. Private office spaces are then arranged along the exterior walls, so that each has a window.

Open floor plans ditch hard walls in favor of pews, low-wall booths, collaboration areas, and glass-walled conference spaces.

How To Design An Office Space Layout

“Space is hard to come by, and many businesses are forced to use smaller square footage than they would ideally like,” says interior designer Bianca Tilley at Gensler, an architecture, design, planning and consulting firm.

Successful Startups Follow These Office Design Rules

Jed Link, IFMA’s communications manager, adds that the idea of ​​the workplace has changed from a “container for doing business” to a tool that does its own work.

“As a result, many companies are looking at workplace strategies,” Link says. “There is no one size fits all.”

Bottom line: Open office plans can save money on real estate, but they don’t always provide productivity or retention benefits for all departments or employees, especially introverts, who make up nearly half of Americans.

Whether your organization is renovating an existing space or designing a new one, a facilities manager plays an important role in planning the office space from start to finish.

The Best Office Layout

“The facility manager will have a good idea of ​​how you’re currently running your facility and the problems you’re seeing,” Hille says.

“Understanding what [the customer’s] needs are, there’s a lot of back-and-forth communication,” says Tilley. “As we move through the process, we’re constantly communicating [with the facility manager] to make sure we’re meeting the target needs.”

By completing this checklist, facility managers and corporate managers can determine the ratio of open and private spaces, as well as additional spaces, such as meeting rooms or conference areas, that allow for the type of work required for each department.

How To Design An Office Space Layout

The floor plan above uses a mix of open seating and collaborative space for the sales or marketing department, with some private office areas for engineers or executives.

Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

Additionally, Link says that a business should have an overall goal that it wants to achieve with the new space. This purpose can be:

Surveying employees before planning can reveal needs that help make this goal, Link says. And after moving into a new space, management should conduct periodic “customer satisfaction surveys” of employees to see if the space is advancing that goal.

Finally, the link reminds facility managers that they are not alone in eliminating the details of office space. He recommends visiting the IFMA Knowledge Library, which offers an online community, best practices, research and other resources.

“Facilities managers tend to work in isolation, but that’s no longer necessary,” he says. “There are wonderful resources available from a growing and vibrant community.”

Home Office Ideas

We’ve created an office floor plan calculator to help you determine the approximate square footage you’ll need for the type of space you want.

We use common dimensions, such as a 15′ by 20′ back office or a 6′ by 6′ workstation. The final number includes an average percentage of 25 percent for additional square footage, circulation space (hallways, stairways, etc.).

The calculator can also factor in the average cost per square foot of office space for selected cities using data from TheSquareFoot.

How To Design An Office Space Layout

Today, it is more common for space planners to use computer-aided design (CAD) software. These programs can be used to design spaces on a 1:1 plan so that the drawing reflects the exact dimensions of the final space.

Modern Office Design

Almost all modern CAFM systems allow the integration of CAD drawings. This is a useful resource for facility managers when they need to find space for a new employee or reconfigure space. The office space designers at Casey’s Executive Interiors have been customizing workspaces for home offices and businesses for over 35 years. Our decades of experience creating workspace designs for businesses in a variety of industries allow us to recommend functional office plans and high-quality, affordable office furniture that will increase employee productivity and satisfaction. With a full range of brands to choose from, you’re sure to find affordable and stylish furniture at Casey’s that will transform your workspace. We are the trusted local source for office workstation solutions that add organization, comfort and style to home offices, businesses of all sizes and medical clinics. All our layouts will enhance your company image including large office plans, conference plans, open office layout plans, flexible workspace layouts, modern waiting room plans, small office plans, design ideas office cubicle layouts, private executive office layouts and more. Incorporate your company’s culture and brand identity into the style of your new workspace. Whether you’re outfitting a custom home office, small to medium business, or large corporate office building, Casey’s experienced office professionals take the time to understand your needs and customize your space to create a modern workplace that fits your needs. requirements.

Decades of office design experience across multiple industries make Casey’s experts uniquely qualified to develop workspace solutions that complement your business workflow, are comfortable for your employees, and fit perfectly into your space. Our Measurement/Design/Budgeting and Procurement/Logistics/Project Management services provide comprehensive office planning and execution services to meet your needs:

We know that planning and purchasing office furniture can involve complex decisions. We take the time to talk with you and learn about your business, brand identity, corporate culture, and office remodeling goals:

Measurement – One of our detail-oriented designers will visit your location and accurately measure your work area. We can also work with existing accurate and reliable plans of your space to develop accurate floor plans.

Tips For Designing An Office Layout

Design – Using the latest 2D and 3D CAD technology, our designer will create a photorealistic rendering of the proposed floor plans for your space. Our floor plans will provide you with name-brand design and furniture options, meet unique organizational needs, fit your budget, and help you envision your new workspace. We can make adjustments to the design you choose before finalizing your plan. We always design your office space with safety concerns in mind, incorporating things like space and building code regulations and employee safety into our floor plans.

Quote: We will provide you with an accurate, comprehensive and competitive price quote based on your custom office location.

Unlike online furniture stores that consider their work done once you place your order, Casey offers exceptional service in your office space remodeling project. We help you avoid the frustration of missed furniture delivery deadlines, botched installations, and miscommunication. We carefully inspect all furniture and its installation and correct any problems that need to be corrected. Once you’ve settled into your new office, we’ll return to your site on request to make any “minor” adjustments needed to perfect your workspace.

How To Design An Office Space Layout

We ensure that we order your office furniture correctly using an integrated electronic system that converts the office space layout plan we create for you into written specifications. The specification is transferred electronically to the furniture manufacturer’s automated production system to perform the work as specified in the original design.

How To Design Your Office Space For Maximum Productivity

To ensure the successful completion of every office design project, we carefully plan product shipping and delivery schedules to coordinate and synchronize, if necessary, with other parts of your project.

We achieve successful project management by maintaining clear communication and working with your general contractors, electrical and data contractors, movers, and management team to iron out small details, coordinate timely furniture delivery, and help identify and resolve potential issues. Make sure your office furniture installation runs smoothly.

At Casey’s, our goal is to optimize your office productivity by creating a comfortable and welcoming office environment that fits your space and supports your company culture and the type of work being done.

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