How To Organize A Small Craft Space

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How To Organize A Small Craft Space

How To Organize A Small Craft Space

Ever since we moved from our 3,000 square foot home to our tiny 1920s bungalow, I’ve asked myself this question over and over again. Every time I try to work on a project, I end up grabbing the table. When we bought our house, I knew it would be difficult to have just one place to work, craft, and eat, but I had no idea that sharing the situation would be so fun (and time-consuming).

Small Space Living: 5 Craft Storage Secrets For Small Homes

So far in our bungalow life, we’ve worn many hats in our kitchen. We understand that wall space is limited at home, so we always plan to put shoe storage boxes that appeal to the back wall and the room. Then, at the end of the summer, we realized that there is very little practical space in the house, so we made a special place for storing bags and jackets in the corner of the door.

Our kitchen also doubles as my office when I’m working on client projects at home, a workbench where I create DIY tutorials for this blog, and a homework desk for my daughter. Oh – that’s right – it’s the only place to eat in our house.

This means that every day, at least twice, I prepare this space to use it for its intended purpose (like a kitchen).

Maybe even more annoying? I haven’t found a place to store all my gear in our new house. Everything was thrown into our private garage and parked there.

Dollar Store Craft Room Organization Ideas

So while I’m working on an original painting for a client, I have to go outside and around the house to the garage to get the supplies I need. Assuming the job is done in less than 5 hours, I can put the tools back in the garage and set the table in time for dinner. However, I often end up with a pile of tools by the front door and have time to do more complex tasks before putting them back in the garage.

Dealing with the lack of a dedicated place to store hand tools in my home is also a problem. The only real storage space in our house is a dirty basement or the dreaded attic. Between the dust, network cables, and general inaccessibility, both options leave something to be desired.

At the Ikea warehouse, we came across this mud room with a miniature golf club that caught my eye. I love clean lines and thoughtful design ideas. I was surprised when I entered there

How To Organize A Small Craft Space

The space is five meters long and 35 meters wide (35 square meters) and in fact the old back porch – apart from the kitchen – was well covered by the previous owners. This space lacks electrical equipment and ventilation for HVAC, but is well sealed and weatherproofed so it can function as a room in our home.

Amazing Craft Room Ideas

So if we need more space, why not use it? Yes, it is on the right side of the house, and the road ahead goes to the left. So using this area as our entryway (and front door) is a non-issue because instead of walking two feet onto the balcony, we walk around the entire house in nature, ours in front.

Instead, we use this area as a dumping ground for trash and any tools that we haven’t taken out to the garage.

But at that moment, as I looked at the Ikea space in front of me, I suddenly saw our collection as a useful place to create my projects and hobbies.

I was even more inspired when I found out that the Ikea shelf pictured above has the option of an extra pull-out table. Since I need a place to store my paints, paper, fabric, and various tools, I think a storage shed will serve this purpose. I never thought I would use this shelf as a flexible work space!

Creative, Thrifty, & Small Space Craft Room Organization Ideas

I drove home from Memphis (the closest Ikea to us) and planned another trip soon to spend some time painting.

As soon as we got home from Ikea, I decided to turn my never-used mud into a craft that can be easily cleaned and disposed of without interfering with our daily lives, making a mess. I just need to make a plan. I have to decide everything that needs to be preserved here, I am responsible for everything. Otherwise, even if I find a few items that don’t have a special home, all the work goes to waste.

Knowing I wasn’t the first person to turn a small space into a craft room, I scoured the internet for inspiration and ideas. I’ve seen adorable rooms with enough storage for gift wrapping, paper crafting, fabric and sewing supplies, and of course lots of ideas for paint storage!

How To Organize A Small Craft Space

Additionally, I am amazed at how many people carve out a small space in their home and turn it into an office or workspace. There are also lots of pictures of art rooms in the rooms! Just like inside, they took a closet and turned it into a craft room! Smart thinking, folks!

How To Organize A Small Closet With Smart Storage

Built a wall of shelves in the living room to store his books and magazines. At the end of the open space, he added a deep space to create a small desk where he could write his essays and work from home.

My method: I kept my sketches, journals, catalogs and client design documents in my drawing room. I have to show them smart ways to store paper in the open. Keeping my cabinets the same color will focus on the things I really want to display in the room: my books and pictures.

I was also inspired by this blue door that Jen from Rambling Renovators added to the “Craft Section”. My bedroom door looks like mud. I started thinking that I could make a vinyl sticker for my door with my company logo on it. With access to the space from the front yard, I can use this space as the client’s first place in my home when we sit down for our first interview.

*ahem, I should call it the “art room” here, right? I mean, aren’t we all going to spend a lot of money rehabilitating this storage facility and eliminating inefficient sludge sources?

How Do I Organize My New Office?

I also want you to paint the door blue. It adds a lot to a character that can be confusing at times, doesn’t it?

Speaking of personality, my friend Ariel from PMQ Two has never shied away from praising her beauty. While I was looking for artistic room decor ideas on Pinterest, I came across a photo of her office and found a fun idea to add text to the historic ship wall and wooden chalkboard.

It also reminded me that I should think about adding storage space for gift wrapping and random wrapping materials (ribbon, ribbon, bows, tissue paper, etc.). Especially during the holidays for us, it makes my life so much easier to have a dedicated place to store all my paper rolls. Especially since it’s being stored in the garage, I added “free spin station” to the list of tools.

How To Organize A Small Craft Space

When looking for small space design ideas, I come across the same look: white walls, white furniture, and accent pieces. Too much pink.

Real Girl’s Realm: Craft Room Organization

While my daughter loves this kind of space (in fact, it’s more like her bedroom now), it’s not where we go for the rest of the house. For our bungalow,

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