How To Organize Toys In A Small Space

How To Organize Toys In A Small Space – Small living spaces are perfect for promoting family togetherness and minimizing cleaning and maintenance work. What they are not so great is storage.

I like my kids’ toys to be in the family living room so they can interact and play where I can supervise them. But with no additional living room or play space, it feels like my son’s toys are taking over the house.

How To Organize Toys In A Small Space

How To Organize Toys In A Small Space

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Toy Storage Ideas To Help You Tidy Up

As a mother of two and a stay-at-home nanny in a 1,100-square-foot home, here are 11 of the best ways I’ve found to store toys in a small living room without sacrificing cohesiveness. We’ll use different things like different types of trash cans to clean up your child’s place once and for all!

There are lots of interesting furniture options that double as storage. An open ottoman or stool is a great place to hide a children’s book or toy basket when it needs to be put away.

A coffee table or end table with drawers or cupboards underneath is a great place to store puzzles or other games. Most of us can’t afford to go out and buy all the new furniture, but many discount stores have affordable storage and countertops. Extra storage space can make a big difference to the look of your home.

Since you need furniture after all, perhaps one of the best solutions for storing toys is furniture with built-in storage. Plus, it’s a great reason to redecorate!

Best Toy Storage Ideas To Stay Organized

If you don’t have anywhere to put things, buying wicker baskets or wicker storage containers for disposing of loose toys can be a great option. Small baskets can be tucked in corners or behind furniture without looking too childish in an adult’s room.

Wicker baskets are so much fun and you can store all kinds of things in them. Your child can also be involved in choosing cute wicker baskets that he likes to store toys. Large storage baskets are also a great choice for storing stuffed animals!

Most families have to buy lots of little plastic toy tubs. You can label each trash can with a word or a picture to help your child know what it’s used for. Containers with lids of the same size can be placed on an invisible shelf or cupboard. They can usually be found at discount or dollar stores for about a dollar. (check this one from Pigskins and PigTails)

How To Organize Toys In A Small Space

If your couch is pushed against a wall, consider pulling it back a bit and placing toys behind it. If you have an open floor plan like mine, you can put bigger toys behind the sofa.

Toy Storage Ideas: 20 Ways To Keep Playtime Neat |

They won’t be seen, but they will prevent them from setting foot in high-traffic areas. Consider putting toys under the table, like this one!

While not technically a behind-the-couch toy organizer, it’s a great way to organize and store toys.

The shoe rack provides a great storage area for toys. A shoe rack that hangs behind a cupboard or bedroom door can be used for small stuffed animals or barbies and action figures. A sliding shoe rack on the floor of the closet can also hold Barbie or action figures and their various houses and cars.

Small boxes or containers that attach to the side of the fridge with magnets or suction cups can be filled with small toys or craft supplies. You can make these storage containers with your kids as a craft project. Collect empty pasta boxes or other small containers. Add some paint and a magnet attached to the back to make a cute and useful storage case.

Kids Room Storage Ideas

Wheelbarrows or racks are useful for storing toys and taking them away after use. Inexpensive trolleys with shelves can be filled with toy bins or baskets can be stacked and placed in a closet or laundry room.

A few portable toy boxes can make a big difference when trying to keep your living space toy-free. The box can be filled with small toys or craft supplies and then easily packed and stored away at the end of the day.

Dowel pins or wall hooks can be placed in a cupboard and used to hang sports rackets, baskets of small toys or doll clothes. It can also be done on walls if kept neat without spoiling the home decor.

How To Organize Toys In A Small Space

Pegboards is now a big organization! Don’t miss our complete guide to Pegboard Organization for Every Room!

Playroom Storage Ideas

Make sure you use all the storage space outside of the main living area. The headboard or end of the bed in any bedroom creates plenty of space for toys and games that are not currently being used.

Separate toys by size so they can be stacked and maximize shelf and cupboard space. Hang a net bag in the closet for stuffed animals or balls. In the bedroom, stuffed animals can be placed on hammocks or wall shelves so they don’t touch the floor.

For kids who have a lot of stuffed animals like mine, a toy hammock is a great place to store all of their furry friends. We placed them right above the child’s bed so toys were easy to access and VERY easy to remove.

Organized toy storage makes toys more accessible while allowing for quick and easy cleanup. If your living space is frequently overrun with toys, I hope these toy storage ideas can help you reclaim your living space.

Small Space Organizing Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Every Room

These toy storage ideas for small spaces are second to none and you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Whether you choose baskets, shoe organizers, storage baskets, or a combination of these items, you’re on your way to more organized toys!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this toy storage idea Elizabeth πŸ™‚ !! If you have kids, you have a toy storage problem – toys are everywhere – in every corner, hidden under beds and furniture, scattered all over the floor for puppies to chew on and for mom and dad to climb… Oh, raise those legos again!! Luckily, you gave us some great ideas for solving our toy storage problem. I will surely share this post with my friends who have young children. In my last post, I talked about how to improve your mental health through daily habits, and one of the things I’ve been doing to improve my mental health over the past few years is trying to know when to say no or stop doing. something. something

How To Organize Toys In A Small Space

The past year has been very busy: my consulting business is growing, I’m starting to study at home, and in general I’m trying to move on with life. So sadly I had to put a stop to something in my life that ended up with blogging and social media. What started as a short hiatus turned into a long hiatus. While life doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon, I’ll be starting to try posting again and hopefully we’ll find a good rhythm – I missed sharing a post here!

Brilliant Ways To Store Toys In The Living Room

Now that you’re there, let’s jump into this post. I have been redecorating my house for the last few months. I’ve evaluated almost everything we have and made changes to help improve flow and organization. Our house isn’t big, so small changes help make our space more functional.

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The play area and nursery are among the areas of the house that are bound to get dirty a lot, and that’s okay. That means toys are played and memories are made. The solution is to create a specific place for each item to return to when it’s time to clean.

My son is five years old so the baby toys have outgrown it and we are actually moving on to older toys – which means lots of legos and more books! Just before the holidays and birthdays, we try to stock up on things to give, save, or add to sentimental boxes. Even though they look scary, they are worth it! Knowing what you have and how many items are in each category will help you organize and find the best places to store them.

How To Teach Kids To Organize Their Bedroom

Once you’ve sorted, you’ll have a better idea of ​​the different categories you need to sort through. For example, here is a list of some of the categories we use:

Assigned locations and labels help everyone in the family know where things are. While I like using labels, not everyone needs one. I recommend labeling items in big boxes and bags/baskets where you can’t see what’s inside.

I love finding baskets that fit my space –

How To Organize Toys In A Small Space

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