Movie Night Ideas At Home For Couples

Movie Night Ideas At Home For Couples – Movie night snacks are an absolute must for movie night, right? But there are some extra ways to make this family night fun with great treats, games and crafts. Put on comfortable clothes, turn on the TV and gather the best people!

Nothing beats quality family time in the kitchen than cooking with the kids. Choose from some easy and simple recipes that even little hands can make. Gently melt HERSHEY’s milk chocolate to drizzle over popcorn bowls or make delicious ROLO® pretzel trays. Place your helper ROLO® Chocolate Caramel on top of the pretzels, gently melt in the oven and top with pecans or other savory treats. Make a cool movie snack if you are watching an adventure or a classic movie.

Movie Night Ideas At Home For Couples

Movie Night Ideas At Home For Couples

Time to get creative in the kitchen! Movie night snack trays featuring Hershey’s candies, popcorn and other treats are a fun way to pack in all the best treats at once. Sometimes the best way to eat chocolate is to pair it with salty or crunchy foods. Try adding fresh fruits, vegetables, pretzels, candies, and fruit-flavored candies to the tray so that everyone has their favorite movie night snack option.

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Set up a snack tray for kids’ movie night or a special night made just for the two of you. For more snack ideas, check out our trays for different occasions.

Mix movie night with family game night for the most awesome night of the week. Make your own movie night bingo board to match the movie you’re watching and use TWIZZLERS Bites candies as markers. Will the winner receive a bag of candy as a prize? If you’re feeling extra crafty, grab Twizzlers Pull ‘N’ Peel Chewy Candies to create a tic-tac-toe board with colorful HERSHEY’S KISSES chocolates as Xs and Os – the kind of game you can eat while you play!

A movie night wouldn’t be complete without a mix of classic Hershey’s. Grab your favorite Hershey candies like TWIZZLERS Twists, KIT KAT® Minis and REESE’S Miniatures, perfect for sharing with your friends. Even with a 6-pack of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars on hand, you can make Hershey’s Treats to make movie night tastier (and gooier) than ever. With all the sweet treats on hand, you can mix and match flavors or munch on your favorite treats all night long.

Katherine Putt is a copywriter at The Hershey Company with a passion for sustainability and travel. After living in Sydney, Australia for a year and exploring New Zealand for a month, she realized her true appreciation for sustainable living, embarking on new adventures and writing meaningful stories. Whatever your journey, they hope to encourage you to live a greener lifestyle.

Romantic Christmas Movie Date Night

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Making it with your significant other can be fun and special with some well-thought-out ideas! We love planning romantic movie night ideas for couples at home because it’s a great way to spend quality time without breaking the bank! And when it comes to movie night, there is no better choice than a romantic movie.

We love going to the movies and cozying up in our living room today. A perfect movie night is a great way to slow down a long weekend.

Movie Night Ideas At Home For Couples

Depending on how romantic you want it, you can start with a romantic dinner at a local restaurant with candles and your favorite food. Bonus points if you sprinkle rose petals and use a nice tablecloth in the dining room!

Playdays And Runways: Create A Movie Night At Home

With that said, a romantic date night can be as relaxed as ordering takeout or planning a fun meal like pizza and ice cream. The main thing is that you both are happy!

We’ve come up with several date night movie ideas to make Friday night happen in the living room of your favorite place!

These 21 Romantic Night Movies for Couples are sure to be a hit with you and your sweetheart!

Most – if not all – of these movies are also available to rent or buy with Amazon Video!

Fun At Home Date Night Ideas You Need To Try

There’s no better option for a movie night at home than a date night! The film follows a bored couple who decide to go on a date night in the city. But a case of mistaken identity takes the two on a wild ride through New York City.

Viewing The Notebook with your significant other will encourage you to keep your romance alive for years to come. The film tells the story of a romance that transcends class boundaries and spans decades.

50 First Dates has some classic Adam Sandler comedy, with a heartwarming storyline that will make you fall in love with him and Drew Barrymore on screen. In this beautiful romantic comedy, Sandler meets the girl of his dreams, but runs into trouble when he discovers she has no short-term memory.

Movie Night Ideas At Home For Couples

Step back into the 80s for this classic romantic movie night. Says nothing about what happens when a loser is valedictorian the summer before he leaves for college.

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Sometimes romance goes bad. When a detective begins investigating a crime novelist for his wife’s murder, he discovers what happens when love goes wrong. Full of mystery and excitement, Basic Instinct is the perfect classic movie for movie night.

Enjoy the classics for a date night that never goes wrong. You will enjoy the chemistry between Bogart and Bergman when they fall in love in the Battle of Casablanca.

Another classic romantic movie to add to the list, The Philadelphia Story features a love triangle between a rich woman, her ex-husband and the man she wants to marry.

When a handsome man makes a bet that makes a woman fall in love with him and a nerdy columnist decides to write about how to get him to leave, the result is pretty funny. In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, you’ll see what happens when romantic clichés lead to romance.

Home Alone Movie Night Ideas (how To Host An Easy Home Alone Party)

Harry and Sally have been friends for years but wonder what will happen if they take their relationship further. See what happens when friends add a perk to a photo in When Harry Met Sally.

Will Smith never disappoints, which means you’ll love tonight’s idea. Smith plays Hitch, who helps the unloved win the woman he loves. But he has problems of his own when he begins to fall in love with a beautiful tabloid journalist.

When sports agent Jerry Maguire comes to his senses, he is about to be fired from his agency. When she goes out alone with her colleagues, she struggles to make a deal while falling in love at the same time.

Movie Night Ideas At Home For Couples

In An Affair to Remember, Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meet on vacation, fall in love, and promise to meet again, even though they are engaged to someone else. But when an accident prevents them from dating, their romantic future becomes uncertain in this classic romantic film.

Family Movie Night Ideas At Home With Kids

Full of action and comedy Mr. & Smt. Smith is a great choice for light movie night at home. Sparks fly when Brad and Angelina discover they are both clueless killers.

In this classic romantic comedy set in high school, audiences of any age will enjoy watching this unlikely love story. When a popular teen is banned from dating until her younger sister, she finds the perfect brother in 10 Things I Hate About You.

This unlikely story is a great choice for a romantic movie night at home! In Pretty Woman, Richard Gere plays a successful businessman who hires escorts for social events while in Los Angeles. But the more time they spend together, the faster they fall in love.

Love can transcend life, according to Ghost. When Patrick Swayze is murdered, his ghost returns to warn his lover of impending danger. You will love this movie night full of steamy scenes, mystery and action.

How To Have A Fun Date Night At Home!

With time travel and romance, About Time is sure to be a popular movie night choice for you and your partner. The science fiction film shows what happens when time travel is used for love, sometimes with hilarious results.

When a young New York socialite takes an interest in a handsome man who moves into her apartment building, sparks begin to fly. You’ll love the chemistry in every scene as Audrey Hepburn in the classic romantic comedy – Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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Movie Night Ideas At Home For Couples

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