Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace

Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace – Living room with fireplace and TV: The living room is a place for friends and family to gather, making entertainment as important as it was designed to be. Having a coffee table with some magazines may look traditional and clean, but in reality, it may annoy your guests. Fireplaces and TVs bring a lot of fun, but they can also clutter up your room. I have tips and tricks for designers, from TV placement to bedroom, that will help you manage your space.

Family rooms are also a dangerous challenge because of the all-inclusive design. Which furniture to buy, how to arrange the furniture, and which place will be the best – these are just a few things before you arrive.

Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace

Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace

Luckily, I did some searching and found 30 inspiring designs that include a TV and fireplace without clutter.

Tv Above Fireplace Ideas

This spacious model is equipped with a modern touch. A ribbon fireplace adds an element of luxury to the design.

Tilting the TV also helps prevent neck strain when watching from a low chair. I personally love the wide and integrated look of this tufted sectional supported by a tall marble table.

This design allows you to focus on the atmosphere of the fire and the people around you instead of watching TV. It is also suitable for redecorating the family with a good time in mind.

The distance from the fireplace and TV to the furniture allows it to be more airy rather than a fixed space.

Small Living Room Ideas To Copy For Rooms Of Any Size

The contrast between warm and white wood makes the design beautiful and elegant at the same time. The arrangement of the seats in a circular way also allows the TV to be seen from every seat.

These olive trees come out without too much blending. A white fireplace surround and neutral walls contribute to the design.

This layout creates two meeting spaces – one with a TV, the other without. The layout of each room is useful for a variety of entertainment and the fireplace invites guests to relax in every direction.

Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace

I also love the neutral stone fireplace used here. Watching TV is great from every seat.

Expert Tips To Help You Arrange Furniture In Every Room

The variety of chairs in this living room design will keep your space cool without forcing everyone to crane their necks to watch TV.

Unlike the previous designs, this one has a TV as the starting point. I was inspired by the chaise lounge with the corner fireplace on the corner stone.

Using a fireplace in the dining room makes the transition from food to drinks more natural. An open living room keeps the flow between the two spaces.

I love the geometric design that matches this fireplace, dresser and TV. The advantage of this design is that it makes the room stand out without breaking from the political group.

Amazing Small Living Room Ideas (photos)

A classic mid-century modern style, this open concept includes a fireplace and television without disrupting the natural flow of the room.

Placing the TV next to the fireplace allows you to enjoy your room in a different way.

Considering a part such as the furniture of your living room can also provide a modern design to set a different place if it supports your dining area.

Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace

Orange is a difficult color to incorporate – and this design proves it! Modern minimalist elements give the space a 1970s feel.

How To Layout Furniture In Your Narrow Living Room (or Around A Fireplace!) — Meredith Lynn Designs

I like that the TV and fireplace are not in the middle, it gives a lot of freedom when arranging the furniture.

Including your fireplace as a major design element is an easy way to change things up without changing the look of the entire room.

It has a traditional design with a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. New, curved stone brings a modern touch so it doesn’t feel like a house on the border.

Using a frame to mount the TV is part of the decor and not the black technology on the wall.

Modern Home Theater Design Ideas

Take your modern design to the next level with a fireplace and a high-end TV. This allows things like industrial lighting to shine while maintaining your minimalist look.

This living room arrangement is perfect for a family that wants to spend time together, but not do the same work.

Leave the ceremony with the shirt under the fire and not over it. This design creates more seating when hosting events without changing your seating arrangement.

Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace

A ribbon fireplace and elevated TV go well in modern spaces, so the upper mantle can be easily moved or removed.

Best Living Room Layouts For Your Floorplan

Fireplaces and stone shelves create a unique look in this design. The colorful stones make the TV wall look very geometric.

I love that the smooth black stone of the fireplace creates a space that won’t get in the way when the TV is on.

Surrounding your TV and fireplace with floating shelves gives you furniture to display your decor without cluttering it.

The spaces between the shelves add a modern touch while keeping your decor in mind.

Small Living Room With A Standard Fireplace Ideas You’ll Love

This design is a book lover’s dream come true. I love the solid back of the TV and the chimney with the furniture options to keep the room modern.

If you want to place your TV wall with bookshelves, it is important to make sure that you have enough natural light so that the room does not feel small.

The design of the fireplace and lighting fixtures in this room transforms a simple design into a work of art.

Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace

I love the combination of bold and curved lines to add grace to this around the simplicity of the TV and ribbon channel. The furniture design in this design is unique because it does not include a sofa.

How To Arrange An Awkward 10 X 12 Living Room With A Corner Fireplace And A Tv — Michael Helwig Interiors

Modern furniture like these well-designed shelves prevent electronics from taking over. TV is a permanent place without being a place to watch.

This clean design brings the cold outside in – with warm animal comforters, of course. I love that a wooden table looks great in a cool environment.

The fireplace and TV are just visible above the white wall, a good choice for an open concept TV and dining area.

Looking for something new in your familiar space? Move the starting point to feel like a new place.

Living Rooms With Fireplace And Tv That You Have To Check Out!

Placing a corner fireplace and television can create a unique look if you pay for your furniture to face the corners. This can also help to share the TV with the connected dining room.

They provide opportunities for bold statements that do not require a complete renovation of the room. A clear table like this also helps the piece in question stand out.

This cottage has a nice rustic yet modern design. I love the old chimney for the fireplace as a fun accent.

Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace

Placing the two devices next to each other, the emphasis is on the modern gray color and minimalist accents. I love that the space opens up completely to transform into a fun and dining space.

Can You Hang A Tv Over A Fireplace? Here Are 5 Things To Consider

The unique design of the TV and the fireplace create a great feeling in this small room.

I always recommend mounting your TV to save space. If you are limited in terms of wall space, the best place for your TV is above the fireplace. If you want to try a modern design, try removing your TV from your fireplace to create a geometric design in your design.

Consider the arrangement of your furniture and the importance of the television and fireplace as key areas. If the television is always playing big games, bringing the company to gather around, then it should be seen in every seat. If you want to have space and company above all else, try a more circular plan.

There’s a lot to choosing a wood or gas fireplace. Choosing a design that goes with your room is important for a natural and comfortable feel. I like to use ribbon fireplaces in modern spaces. Traditional wood fireplaces are great in living rooms that bring in a farmhouse or rustic feel.

Small Living Room Furniture Arrangements That Maximize Space

Designing your family room can be difficult, especially when you want to combine several things like a TV and a fireplace. Your design and layout should be considered as your first step in planning. Next, you can work on the layout and placement of your furniture and decorations. You know your family room has come together when your friends and family can’t stop gathering in your new space.

I’d love to hear how you’ve overcome your TV design challenges and fire them up in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to our email to get more inspiration sent to you.

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Small Living Room Arrangements With Tv And Fireplace

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Ideas For A Tv Above A Fireplace

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