Small Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

Small Living Room With Fireplace And Tv – Happy Friday friends, time for another design chat! Many of you have asked for a long discussion on this topic and I think it’s a wonderful idea…to mount the TV above the fireplace. Should you do it? Is it a design flaw? Is it more useful? What will you do when that’s your only option? What is the best situation? I break it all down in this post! Click here to read all about…

I’m not against mounting the TV above the fireplace, but it depends on the height of the fireplace, other options in the room, and the size of the TV.

Small Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

Small Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

I know it’s not really concise and doesn’t give you a direct answer, so let’s start, the tree breaks. Why is a TV stove a bad choice to start with? Well, most people are worried about having to strain their neck to see…not the ideal viewing height. The exception is if you have a modern fireplace or a very low cupboard (size, especially height of course, comes into play). Another concern is the television competing with other areas of the room: the fireplace, windows, appliances, etc. Many people still hate the idea of ​​seeing an ugly TV on top of a beautiful building in the room.

How To Arrange A Living Room With A Fireplace

Something to remember? We live in an age where technology and television are part of every home. They are easily absorbed in the life of the moment; They bring fun, joy and togetherness to our family. They can be a bigger part of life than you think. Additions to your home that are designed to help them feel less blind or an afterthought.

So what is the ideal situation? If I’m being honest, there probably won’t be a TV in the fireplace…that’s not as popular as it sounds. Or, at the very least, a TV hidden in the stove

In our current house, we decided to have a room dedicated to watching TV. This happens in the basement or media room

, as we like to call it. I realized that this is the comfort and benefit of living in a big, big house: a place to watch our favorite shows. Our formal living room

Cozy Living Room Tips And Ideas For Small And Big Living Rooms

Our old house, with little space, could never accommodate anything like a “media room”. So what to do on TV? The way I see it… you have a few different options:

Do you know what I did in our first house? second place Guess what I did in our second home? Number three All this to say-

Example of a living room. The TV can live on a wall and this is above the fireplace. What is the reason? We have a large bay window on the left side of the room, the entrance that opens from the kitchen is attached to the wall, the window and given the size of the area the couch only fits on one side . This means the TV lives on the firewall. We decided to remodel the fireplace and add a built-in… So why did I choose to install the TV in the fireplace, instead of to the left or right of the built-in cabinet? Honestly, the asymmetry bothers me and our TV is too big to fit

Small Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

I weigh the pros and cons and try to make the situation less than that. I wanted the TV above the fireplace because the room felt more balanced, but that meant it would be placed above the ideal height. So I tried to solve the problem by buying a sofa. The length of the back is exactly what you want to look at in this situation. The problem with installing a TV above the fireplace is often the tension that causes the neck to look up. I make sure to choose a sofa with a back that you can recline and rest your neck on the cushions comfortably.

Awesome Living Room With Fireplace Ideas To Inspire

. Watching TV while craning your neck is neither relaxing nor convenient. At this point, I walked over to our big TV in the fireplace. I’m not trying to fake it. I have a happy husband who has a big TV and we can watch movies without neck pain in our comfortable bed. It’s a perfect location!

If I could do it in our old room, the only thing I would do differently would be to turn on the TV. Yes, you know I’m going to mention the Samsung framework. It is beautiful and

Speaking of TV shows, you’re definitely on our wish list this year! I’ll take every opportunity to make TV look like art… which seems absurd. If you don’t have a budget, don’t panic! There are other ways to “hide” a TV…hide it behind panels, hang artwork, put up gallery walls, etc. Innovative to integrate and feel less like ugly technology.

The last option is to accept the asymmetry. My Type A personality and OCD can’t be behind it, but a lot of people do, and it works! Install the TV to the left or right of the fireplace at an appropriate height and try to add balance to other furniture or architectural styles.

The Perfect Pair: 10 Living Room Ideas With A Fireplace And Tv

. I personally like the asymmetry of the bottom image, as opposed to the top… because it feels more intentional and isolated. You can try a fireplace stand and chair or something completely different.

Bottom line…do what’s best for you and your space! Each situation is unique and should be treated as such. Consider how your family watches TV, other aspects of the room, and most importantly, the size. We hope this post has been helpful in sharing all aspects of the great fireplace TV debate. Tell me where you stand in the poll below. Have a great weekend everyone! I’m really looking forward to finishing the laundry room renovation. I’m rooting for the “firewall” style of research in both the river house and the garden. Both houses had the same problem which made me realize it was a bigger problem. Where do you put the stove and the TV so you can see both? I found this challenging because both the TV and the fireplace are important areas of the room, they can determine the direction of your seating and if you are renovating you have the opportunity to get it right so you can see all two At the same time without falling on the neck. Now, if you’re not a fixer, we’ve got options and suggestions for you, but if you are, I’ve got news for you. I finally figured out the formula and I wish you had known sooner or I might not have put the TV in the fireplace in the family room. Let me demonstrate:

Pros: It’s site specific and makes designing and organizing your room a breeze. You can have symmetry on all the windows or say one side of the bookcase. You know exactly where to look to get the benefits of both, making your design easier.

Small Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

Cons: Unless you have a fireplace directly below your TV, it may be too tall to see comfortably. Many fireplaces require a minimum height of 12 inches for safety, and some require more. If you want to add a blanket, you will be tall, be careful. We have deep seats, so that’s nice, but if I’m being honest with myself, I wish our TV was low. We can avoid this by choosing a stove/underline (even that would be nice, but I wish it had a faux wood option) or doing option 3 (which I wish I had done). I really like how we designed this, with the TV spilling over the front of the fireplace, but now I realize it’s a bit tall.

Before & After

1. Don’t choose a large fireplace to avoid making it too tall (but you don’t want it to look bad). Consider cleaning the fireplace before choosing this option to see if you’re sleeping on the floor and the TV is off.

2. So yes, choose auto-on if it works in your home. I like them because then it breaks up the box shape and size a bit and of course lets you lower it (but better than a modern house IMHO)

3. Skip the big fireplace and build it with sheetrock, plaster, brick or tile. I found this photo of a traditional house and decided on it. You can add a light coat or surround (like a rug), but be careful about adding it and adding it to your TV.

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