What Is The Most Popular Color To Paint A Kitchen

What Is The Most Popular Color To Paint A Kitchen – In recent years, Pinterest has become one of the leading sources for finding paint. The reason for this is that over the years since the inception of Pinterest, people have been pinning images of spaces and paying attention to the paint colors used in the space. Over time and hundreds of thousands of pins, we’ll have access to an amazing library of pictures of rooms painted in almost every paint color in the world! Today I wanted to share the most popular paint colors on Pinterest.

If you search for a particular paint color on Pinterest, chances are you’ll see tons of posts painted in that color. For most of us, it’s very easy to imagine what a paint color will look like when we see it applied to a space. In fact, I’ve collected and pinned over 300 of these beautiful colors to my Pick a Paint Color Chart, and all the colors I’ve chosen for my home come from that palette in some way.

What Is The Most Popular Color To Paint A Kitchen

What Is The Most Popular Color To Paint A Kitchen

Over the past few weeks, I’ve used various Pinterest analytics tools to identify a collection of the most popular and pinned paint colors on Pinterest. It’s not “official” or anything, but it’s good information if you’re looking for painting inspiration. I also narrowed it down to colors that work well in different lighting conditions. I’ve pulled popular picks that haven’t worked well in the past.

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And remember that what looks good in one place may not look the same in your place. This information is used as a starting point to guide you through the color space and give you a sense of color tones and midtones.

I was not at all surprised when I finally managed to combine the palette of all the colors and realized that they were all neutral and neutral (a balanced combination of warm and cool tones):

Today, people still want safe and calm colors full of depth. I’ve talked a lot in the past about how many of us make our design statements with bold patterns and accessory colors rather than wall colors. I’m sure the wall color pendulum will swing at some point, but the most popular colors today are calm and soothing, yet full of depth.

It’s very interesting to see how popular colors are on Pinterest and I can thank you bloggers and interior designers. For example, Sherwin Williams’ most popular color Sea Salt became an instant star after Erin on one of my favorite blogs, House of Turquoise, featured this beautiful bathroom designed by the talented Molly Frey in 2010:

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Bloggers and designers share not only color inspiration, but also product details, including the paint colors used in their projects. The good news is that the best colors are going viral on Pinterest, giving us plenty of inspiration for paint and color options for our homes:

Also, I can’t stress enough the importance of looking carefully at those colors when you find pictures of spaces painted in colors you like. You have to remember that many of these rooms are professionally photographed with high-tech lighting and each room has different and changing lighting conditions that can greatly affect the color of the paint. In other words, what’s amazing in a photo may not be amazing on your wall and in your home. So be sure to use the paint color pictures as a starting point, go to paint map and download area maps and choose paint colors for your space with preferred lighting.

So the big question is, what is the most popular and repeated color on Pinterest? I hope most of you can guess what it is!

What Is The Most Popular Color To Paint A Kitchen

It’s actually Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. Benjamin Moore Paints also mentions color in the first search on their website:

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I have a lot of favorites from this band and I’d love to hear which ones they are. I recently painted my dining room Balboa Mist and absolutely love it. I also love Benjamin Moore’s Van Courtland Blue:

So do you have a color? I’d love to know which color you like in the comments section below. If you’re looking for more color inspiration, be sure to check out my Choose Your Paint Color Chart here on Pinterest. Also, if you browse this board and paint your house one of these colors, please leave a comment about the color. Do you love it or hate it? Does it depend on a certain way? Annotating these colors on the board is very helpful when considering color options.

If you need more help on how to identify and reduce color, you can check out my post Paint Color Ads and Paint Color, where I share an easy way to choose a paint color by removing shadows and tones. My little tip will save you the heartache and pain of choosing a color and help you create the best color for your space in no time! A few years ago I shared Benjamin Moore’s most popular paint colors according to Benjamin Moore. It’s time to update my best selling color list and I’m so excited to finally update my color list!

Last year, Benjamin Moore stopped updating the paint colors section of their website, which is very disappointing. However, they only updated it last week (probably in the new year) and I’m always curious what the best selling and most popular Benjamin Moore colors are.

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Although I don’t choose a paint color just because it’s popular or trendy, I always go with the most popular colors because the paint color has to be good and reliable to sell more. hundreds of Benjamin Moore colors. It’s also one of the tools I use when I’m looking for new colors to add to my radar for my clients and blog.

Benjamin Moore has some of the most beautiful shades of blue of any paint company. Smoke and Hale Navy are two popular colors that have been on the bestseller list for years because these colors are stunning and always look good in different lighting conditions.

Benjamin Moore Smoke is a light blue color that is very airy in the space. We used Smoke on a recent client project in the boys room and it looks great.

What Is The Most Popular Color To Paint A Kitchen

Van Courtland Blue has also been a favorite blue over the years and I love it for wardrobes! In fact, Stephanie Gamble Interiors recently painted these laundry room cabinets Van Courtland Blue, and it’s a great color for this space.

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I would venture to guess that Benjamin Moore’s most popular blue is Hale Navy. Hale Navy is the perfect navy color that designers, builders and homeowners love because it always looks great! In my opinion, nothing compares to Hale’s Navy.

I’m not surprised that Benjamin Moore Grayscale is on the bestseller list because Benjamin Moore Grayscale is the best and most trusted. Collingwood is a new color to me that I wasn’t familiar with, but I fell in love with this color a few months ago when I visited this French modern house at the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes.

Collingwood is slightly warmer than the traditional warm grey. Nothing yellow, just a little warmth. I loved it, but remember, this house was filled with lots of natural light!

Stonington has been popular for the past few years, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen it on a bestseller list. The Stonington has a deeper gray color (more pigmented) than the Gray Owl. However, it is a luxurious gray and can look good in certain lighting conditions.

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Not surprisingly on the list: Gray Owl and Edgecombe Grey. These are two hot star grays that have been best sellers for years because they are so pigmented and reliable.

Edgecomb Gray is a light warm gray that I really love and use a lot. In fact, last year I featured Edgecomb Gray in the Color Spotlight here and shared several spaces painted with this versatile color.

Owl Gray is probably Benjamin Moore’s most popular warm gray color. If not #1, I’m pretty sure it’s #2.

What Is The Most Popular Color To Paint A Kitchen

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