Large Wall Decorating Ideas For Living Room

Large Wall Decorating Ideas For Living Room – Confused about how to decorate a large wall? Instead of seeing it as a big, empty space to cover, think of it as a blank canvas. It’s an opportunity. Today, I’m sharing 10 wall decoration ideas and examples of each in our home, as well as tips and advice when starting your projects!

Before you start filling the wall with *all these things*, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Large Wall Decorating Ideas For Living Room

Large Wall Decorating Ideas For Living Room

Now that we’ve covered the basics and what I try to keep in mind when planning wall decor, let’s get to 10 different ways to decorate a large wall!

Living Room: I Either Want To Take The Large Wall Art Down On The Teal Wall And Do An Art Collage Or Do Some Smaller Pieces Above Tv. Would Love Input! :

If you’re trying to avoid spending a lot of money on large paper, you can create a single large paper wall art for a fraction of the cost of a library wall hanging. There are many ways and many options to do this perfectly

. You can choose a different combination or go the same way. In the morning corner, I used the same Ikea frame to display iPhone photos from our other trips.

Source: Pearl Chandelier | Faux Olive Tree Table | Seat (equal) | Photo Gallery | curtain | curtains | Bar stool | During the light

Each photo is a different scene and is a background/map that I took on my phone. It’s memorable and unique and while it captures memories from 12 different journeys, it works as a single, monochromatic image. Be aware that it also takes up a lot of that wall, take up more than you think you need when you put in pictures.

Stratton Home Decor Large Modern Industrial Wall Decor

Another simple “gallery” of sorts that serves as one of the wall baskets on our gallery screen. They are all the same but three different sizes. I quickly arranged them into a life-like shape and called it “good!”

The sun porch wall in our front room doesn’t flow with the rest of our house these days and will see a change soon. But it’s a good example of sticking to one another while using special parts and mixing instruments.

My office has an art system that I call “the wall” – I arranged a large sheet of paper, and three similar pieces of paper that I just flipped over when hanging, in a very square space. Although the pieces are different, the frame is the same.

Large Wall Decorating Ideas For Living Room

Source: The Great Wall of Art | Small Wall Art | Table tray | foot cup | Playing Rattan | ash bottle | Magazine box | Paper Storage Box | Roman Mirror | carpet | He pulled out a drawer

The Top 34 Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Rooms

There are beautiful homes that mix black and white and colorful photos, matching frames and rugs in different sizes, even all different frames, media, etc. . If you’re a casual person and want to make a statement, mix it up.

Sometimes, free space isn’t all you need (or can use). This space was big and green and while I was looking for a luxury table, but

A small sentence. I was able to get a piece on the narrow side and create a whole “time” in the living room. Not enough space for a console table? You can do the same thing with a chair or a set of chairs!

Source: Table Console | Ice | Lamp (unavailable) | Large scale | A small installation | Clear Rattan Glass Bottle Box Cover (similar) | Blue Gingko Art | Beyond the Image Path | Greenery Plants (similar)

How To Decorate A Large Wall In Your Living Room

Coffee Tables Source: Remodelista | South Space | Location | Shelves and boards | Successful New York Home Style | blue and white | Style Features | Easy is easy

. I don’t want art that looks like something I can hang on the wall; I want it to be part of the wall – does that make sense?! haha This wood frame photo is 48″x48″…

Source: Tree Tree Branding | Carpet for sofas | coffee table | Leather seat X | copper half bucket | green hearth | White cement stone  | Image Map | A picture of a map of Texas

Large Wall Decorating Ideas For Living Room

Source: Bookshelf | woven wire storage bag (similar). | Great Forest | His Picture | Art Hedgehog | Lone Rabbit Online Game | A game of catching wooden beads

Large Wall Decor Ideas

The living room wall art is 40″x54″ and even though it’s big in person, it’s actually pretty big!

I like to put pictures together in a series, especially if I want something to hang on the highest part of the wall. It also saves some $$$ because the two smaller frame pieces are usually smaller than

I’m glad the protective bag I was waiting for didn’t arrive early ;). – very sweet. I get a lot of questions about these things; The current Etsy shop that published this creation closed up shop some time ago but you can find a similar selection HERE. The frames I chose were from the 16″x20″ option, but this is actually the size of the picture on the bed. Frame size is 23″x28″.

Source: Song Lyrics (similar) | Outline | the bed | Macrame Crib Skirt | Gingham Crib Sheet | Antelope Pillow | For whom | Online game Cozy Tassel Throw

Large Wall Art Ideas: 10+ Creative Designs For Modern Interiors

I also like looking at photo sets and choosing favorite items to put together as a set. These are old pictures of lily pads from ZGallerie, about six years ago. A personal note – me

Get creative research. Although it is not easy to “correct” the series, they usually number the prints in the series in Roman numerals. In the search bar, I will search for “II”, which will show “2”. When the results come in, I look for “art” in the filters so that it’s just a photo (instead of cards, paper, etc.) Everything gets filtered when there’s part II of the photo series. If you find a piece you like, click on the artist’s name and you can explore their other works. Nine times out of ten, if an item is marked II, it also has an I (sometimes III and IV).

A more involved method (but the definition of the maker, of course!) The way to “decorate” large walls is to make the walls, themselves. Adding decorations and signs is something we have done to separate different spaces in our home and while you can add pictures to them, they can still stand on their own without additional decoration. In Eliza’s nursery, we added five boxes to cover the picture frame, and in our room, we added two rows of boxes across the room. We also added decorative details around the vaulted ceiling. I had a contractor do all the work but using shoes and sticking simple boxes right on the drywall and painting it to keep the labor costs down can add up quickly.

Large Wall Decorating Ideas For Living Room

Source: The Chandelier | Bed | chair | carpet | Be happy cutting glass lamps | Cover | Figure 1 | Figure 2 | Moses’ bag

Design Coach: What To Do With A Large Blank Wall

In the living room, I have a large wall where the cut kitchen looks inadequate. I added a half faux column to match the columns on the other side of the living room…

Source: The Great Wall of Art | Coffee table sofa | circular signal table | rattan tray| Back seat | the mat

Then add the following information to wrap under the bar, in the corner corresponding to the new column. Actually, this wall was also helped by being able to clean the stone marks that the feet used to kick; First, flat paint will end up looking bad. The semi-gloss finish is the cleanest wall detail!

While I stick to most picture frames in my room, there are many great options if you’re looking for wood and stone or art.

Large Wall Décor Ideas To Create A Bold And Unique Focal Point

I even ventured into the world of paperbacks earlier this year as well. I started in our little powder room where it was easy to be brave and bold and I think the risk paid off. I also stuck to labeling the top 1/3 as I went with the label on the bottom 2/3. I don’t have one extra photo and now I’m trying to figure out where to post the stickers!

If you don’t want to admit it, there are plenty of leather and wood options that are easy to use. I used faux brick in our master bathroom a few years ago!

I mentioned earlier that I am simple and the first thing to go is to expand the data mirror. Like fine art, the size you choose makes a big difference. This mirror is 48″ but works on wall scale.

Large Wall Decorating Ideas For Living Room

Source: Pearl Chandelier | Table | Seat (equal) | round ice | Sideboard (similar) | curtain | curtains | the mat

Oversized Wall Art Ideas For Big Spaces — 12 Pieces

On the contrary, in front of few

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