Best Blue Paint Color For Living Room

Best Blue Paint Color For Living Room – While searching for the best Sherwin Williams Blue Paint colors, I came across two drawings from SW showing their best selling blue paint. I then spent some time looking for some other period blouses that would make a great addition to any room.

We talk about paint colors because that’s the first thing people ask me. I usually get asked about white paint colors (you can read all about the best SW white paint colors here), but when people want to go all out, they usually turn to blue.

Best Blue Paint Color For Living Room

Best Blue Paint Color For Living Room

First, blue is a safe color. It makes a great neutral background or can be dramatic when paired with fun patterns. If you are just starting to experiment with painting walls, blue is a great starting point. I go well with almost everything.

Best Colour Schemes For Living Room

In addition, if we look at fashion, besides black and white, blue is also a safe color. Jeans, suits, ties – blue is a natural choice for these clothes besides black and white.

So, I’m going to show you a blue color inspired by Sherwin Williams. Then I will give you a complete list and look at some examples of each color in a real room.

And now here are the two charts that Sherwin Williams released showing the most played and best selling blues. And I have to say, I love them. Which is not surprising.

They spend a lot of time researching the market and analyzing sales to determine what people like and where the trends are going. We have a great variety of light and airy blues and deep moody blues like Naval.

Paint Colors That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Before we get into the characteristics of the best blue according to Sherwin Williams (and my personal belief and experience), you need to understand the nuances of paint.

Usually blue shades can be violet-blue or green-blue. Sometimes you also get grey-blue.

What is halftone ink? Halftones are the result of mixing several colors, such as blue with a black tint (for indigo) or blue with a green tint (for turquoise). The dominant color, sometimes called the mass tone or overtone, is the color you perceive. The color you can’t see is midtone. From

Best Blue Paint Color For Living Room

Above, Sherwin Williams Windy Blue has a slightly gray undertone, while Sherwin Williams Stardew has a greenish gray undertone. Do you see green in Stardew?

The Best Blue Paint Colors, According To Color Experts And Interior Designers

To determine a halftone, match the ink chip to the primary color and then to the secondary color. When you compare it with a color of the same shade, it will highlight the shade in the sample and you can easily identify it.

These subtle colors will appear when the light changes and when combined with the shade of the furniture or light fixtures.

In contrast, when comparing the colors below, Sherwin Williams Gale Force appears slightly green, while Indigo Batik has a gray haze. Most of it is the purest color and has no visible tint.

When you compare the colors to each other, Naval also seems to be the “cleaner” or cleaner color compared to Gale Force or Indigo Batik.

What Are The Best Historic Home Interior Paint Colors?

For a short list of the best blues from Sherwin Williams, these are the colors that made the list. I’ll share pictures of each so you can see how they fit with the rest of the room.

Sarah at @simplysoutherncottage painted her porch ceiling an atmospheric blue and it’s a real treat to look at this artificial sky scene from the porch swing.

View this post on Instagram A post posted by CBG Custom Homes LLC (@cbgcustomhomes) View this post on Instagram A post posted by Samantha | Farmhouse Fosters (@farmhousefosters) Sherwin Williams Windy Blue SW 6240

Best Blue Paint Color For Living Room

This dressing table and mirror frame are perfect examples of Sherwin Williams Windy Blue. The color combines well with the room filled with natural light of white tiles and marble.

Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

From, this is a Sherwin Williams Poolhouse. Here I am showing the same space at two different times and different angles to show how the light and time of day change the way the color appears.

SW Stardew is one of my favorite blues. Personally, our upstairs hallway is painted this color (but I won’t tell you, because the space isn’t ready yet).

The second photo shows a kitchen design that uses 50% Sherwin Williams Stardew and 50% Uncertain Gray for the cabinets. It shows Stardew blue well even at 50%.

We recently painted an office at Sherwin Williams Waterloo and it’s a great sophisticated color for the space.

Bold And Beautiful Blue Paint Colors That Designers Swear By

Emily Henderson painted Waterloo in this family room and wet bar. The natural light that pours into the space, with warm linens and natural wicker furniture, makes this space comfortable and stunning.

Embedded? No more: Waterloo is the perfect moody blue for your room. Go a step further and paint the ceiling as well for a design trick to feel surrounded by the room.

This Sherwin Williams Indigo blue batik works as a solid blue for any wall or closet. Although it looks lighter on well-lit walls than in closets, it’s beautiful regardless of use.

Best Blue Paint Color For Living Room

Not sure if this is Sherwin Williams #1 blue. I can love him more than Naval!

The Best Paint Colors With Cult Followings

Gale Force is what I call a chameleon color. It changes according to the light and the objects around it. Below are the beautiful integrated modules painted in SW Gale Force paint.

View this post on Instagram Posted by @tingle @mayastein (@toadhallnorthport) View this post on Instagram Posted by Elena Desoto (@elena_desoto_interior_design) View this post on Instagram )

Then you find yourself surrounded by this blue-green, turquoise wall color. It pairs very well with large floral prints and shiny bronze accents.

Finally, I can imagine myself sitting in front of this fireplace with a cup of coffee and a book. This version of Gale Force has such a stunning effect on the overall look because the trim is also painted in the same color and there is no white paint to spoil the look. This is perfection!

The 10 Best Blue Gray Paint Colours: Calming, Relaxing & Cool

Sherwin Williams Naval is the color of 2020, so it’s no surprise that it was listed among the top Sherwin Williams Blue paint colors.

In 2015, I chose to paint our front door Navy. Can you say I was ahead of my time? Just kidding, but this is actually the color of the year, maybe because people love dark spaces, bold, moody, clean classic colors and get away from all the grey.

Navali provides a true blue background without any weird purple tint. In the following photos you will see it in several versions: from walls to cabinets.

Best Blue Paint Color For Living Room

While this color always wins, it looks great in rooms with a south face and natural light. If you plan to paint it in a room with little or no natural light, choose a nice look by painting the ceiling and adding lots of lamps and wallpaper for decorative lighting. You will have the feeling of a library that is a warm cocoon of colors.

Trending Ideas Of Best Colours For Living Room

For living rooms, light blue is more suitable. If you have high ceilings or large rooms, you can use darker colors.

Undoubtedly, darker colors look good on house facades and front doors. Sometimes a lighter blue paint can appear blue in natural light.

The finish paint should be semi-gloss or high gloss, while the wall paint looks great in a matte or matte finish. For darker colors with smooth walls, Emerald Flat works best.

If you think you may have cabinets painted with oil paint, use Sherwin William Alkyd Paint to cover the oil paint. You will need to remove the glitter and lightly spray the glitter, but you do not need to prime when using alkyd paints.

Beautiful Teal Blue Paint Colors For Your Home

Now you are sure to choose the blue color for your room? Let’s look at some quick rules to help you choose the perfect color.

In short, here is a list of the best Sherwin Williams blue paint colors that you will want to try:

Are you looking for the perfect paint color or just curious? If you are looking for more paint colors, check out these posts on Sherwin Williams White Colors Best and Benjamin Moore White Colors Best for more information.

Best Blue Paint Color For Living Room

I ALWAYS recommend testing large swatches of your paint colors before you start painting the entire house. This is an expensive mistake, so I recommend using Samplerize.

Best Navy Paint Color

Finally, as always, the colors you see in other homes will not look the same in yours. Often photos are edited, rotated or color corrected. Don’t just rely on pictures when making a decision – trust the process and try the paint. When you think of neutral paint colors, whites, beiges and grays probably come to mind. In many ways, blue paint can be added to this “neutral” list. This is one of the easiest colors to decorate with because it combines well with almost any other color. Whether it’s green, yellow, orange or grey, blue goes well with it.

Blue also has a cool and calming vibe that I love. This is for everyone

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