Contemporary Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

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Small room dwellers rejoice, because our modern ideas for a small living room prove how much you can do with a small area of ​​the floor. We understand that decorating can be difficult when space is limited – how much furniture can you fit? Which arrangement works best? What color “expands” the space? How to make a small living room fresh and modern? Well, fear not as we will cover all the questions here.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

Contemporary Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

For us, contemporary style lends itself to smaller spaces because it’s often simple, minimal, and very useful. You don’t want a small living room to be cramped or too busy, it’s good to have empty spaces and let the furniture breathe. Karl Home Sectional Sofa Couch 71

It certainly has a lot to do with taking “modern” from ultra-modern to a more laid-back, boho look. But whether you’re a die-hard modernist or looking for a more laid-back style, you’re sure to find inspiration here, as well as smart tips for maximizing your square footage.

“You can live a big life in a small place, you just have to know how.” Jen and Mar, founders of Interior Fox. “A simple design background with a great wall will ensure that the feeling of the room is not overwhelmed by the whole system. Adjust the size of the lighting solution and a large pendant or table lamp will provide enough light to make the space more luxurious. Finally, people when looking for furniture they think they should buy small things, for example get a sofa, a bigger sofa can make a small living room feel cozier and bigger.’

For more tips and ideas on creating your small modern living room, just keep scrolling…

No matter what style you choose in a small space, your furniture needs to work hard. If you can choose a piece that serves dual purposes or adds extra storage or surface space, then do so. You don’t want to clutter your room with furniture, so choose multifunctional pieces like an ottoman for storage, or if you want flexibility for spending the night – consider one of the best sofa beds instead of a classic sofa. Or you can choose a coffee table that you can pull out whenever you want and move around the room, but does not take up much space and does not disrupt the flow of traffic.

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Another important thing for a small modern living room is storage. Storage is key to creating a minimalist, uncluttered feel that takes center stage in contemporary style. This doesn’t mean putting everything behind the door, choose a mix of open and closed storage – say bookshelves to add decor and personality, and then a coffee table with drawers to store less aesthetic items like phones and cables.

In small living rooms, there is a tendency to push everything against the wall to open up as much floor space as possible. But if you want to feel comfortable and modern in your room, a sea of ​​space in the center is not the best way.

Remove the furniture from the wall and leave some space. Moving your furniture in this way will make the room feel larger than it is, and will also create more flow and light in the room.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

While the best sofas of this year can be tempting to sit on two seats, sometimes the best thing to do to make a small modern living room feel bigger is to leave the sofa out altogether. Now, before you freak out at the thought of not having a couch to sit and watch Netflix on, think about how much space you’ll save if you go for a really comfy chair and footstool.

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The lack of space in the middle of the room opens the space wider, making it softer and more modern. In addition, it provides more light and immediately gives the impression that the room is larger. Make sure to put pillows and blankets so that the room doesn’t feel too formal.

To be honest, TV can destroy the trendy vibe you want to create. In a small living room, it can be difficult not to make a black hole in your wall the center of attention, but an easy way to hide it is to add a dark wall. Paint your walls the same color as the TV. Simple. And we say the same color, but we mean using a dark color so that the TV blends in with the wall.

We love how this small modern wooden mantel is added to soften the black and the built-in storage creates a splash of color.

Paneling is a great way to bring texture and interest to a smaller living room without taking up any space. By placing vertical panels, sailboats look great in more modern homes, adding a touch of character and providing more height balance. Silkir 2 Person Loveseat Sofa Couch For Living Room

A simple trick to make a room look bigger is to place a large rug. You don’t want a small rug that sits on the floor, but something large enough to expand and not take up space under your furniture.

Rugs are also great for moving your furniture around – use the dimensions of your rug to arrange the furniture, not the edges of the room. Then you can put a smaller rug on top.

We’ve previously advised caution when decorating a busy wall in a small space, but we’ve also expressed our opinion that an empty wall is a sad wall. If you want to add prints or wall art to a small living room, do it! Be sure not to move the print group to the middle of the wall, from floor to ceiling, as this will give the room height.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

Now, we’re not saying you can’t add color to a small living space, but you want to avoid making the room too busy, so sticking to a solid color scheme helps. Choose a neutral background while keeping the walls and ceiling white and add some color with pillows, rugs, bedding and accessories.

Minimalist Living Rooms That Are Anything But Boring

We love this monochromatic project with its pale pink hue. Warm colors only soften the contrast between black and white and look beautiful with very pale wooden accents.

While it’s common to choose lighter colors in a small modern living room, don’t hesitate to go for darker colors if that’s what you’re feeling. Choose charcoal gray or dark blue on all four walls and even the ceiling to blur the edges of the room and make the space feel larger. It adds a cozy atmosphere that you can enjoy in a small living room.

Natural light can hide many sins in a small space, so let in as much as possible. It immediately makes the space bigger, brighter and airier. Stay away from thick curtains and drapes and instead opt for light semi-transparent materials that add privacy but maximize the beautiful glow.

We all know that mirrors can make even the smallest spaces feel bigger. . Choose a larger mirror to hang on your main wall to reflect maximum light around the room, or create more features by grouping mirrors. You can also put a large curved window in the corner to create the impression of a more open space.

Living Room Furniture Layouts That Make The Most Of Your Space

Sometimes the best way to make the most of a small living room is to embrace small amenities. Enhance your seats by keeping them close together to accommodate soft furnishings and create a cavernous space. Keep it modern by choosing a simple gray and white color palette and adding a few statement pieces and accessories.

With smart floor lighting, you can instantly make your living room feel more spacious. You want it to be at multiple levels, so the eye is never drawn to any one source, instead you just get great light. For a modern look, choose something simple and wall mounted so you don’t take up valuable space and add interest to the wall.

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Contemporary Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

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