How To Create More Space On Iphone

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How To Create More Space On Iphone

How To Create More Space On Iphone

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How To Create Blank Icons For Your Iphone Home Screen

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The next time you upgrade your iPhone, you may not have to worry about running out of storage again thanks to the large capacities of the new models.

However, if your phone is dangerously low on storage for the time being, don’t worry: here’s how to clear iPhone storage.

4. You may have to wait a moment, but a graph should appear at the top of the screen showing how much free space you have and what’s using up your storage (media files, apps, photos, etc.).

Ipad Storage Full?

5. Under the “Suggestions” heading, you will see suggestions on how to free up more storage space on your iPhone. Tap a suggestion to see what Apple recommends.

Once you’ve seen how much storage space you have left and what’s taking up the most space on your iPhone, it’s time to take action to free up some of it.

Non-essential apps are those that you rarely use and that you can probably live without. You can identify them on the iPhone storage screen.

How To Create More Space On Iphone

4. Wait for the apps to load below the graphic that shows you how much memory you have left. If so, the apps are listed in terms of size from largest to smallest.

How To Get More Storage On Iphone For Free (2023)

5. Look under an app name under Recent to see which apps you haven’t used in a while.

6. If it’s been a while since you last used the app and it’s taking up too much space, tap it to see the app’s size and data stored on your iPhone.

7. Choose whether you want to delete the app and all its data or just temporarily download the app from your iPhone.

To optimize your photos on iPhone 7 or later, you can turn on high-efficiency mode for photos taken with the camera.

Out Of Storage? How To Free Up Space On Your Apple Watch

This does not affect the image quality, but each photo takes up significantly less storage space. It may already be enabled, but requires double-checking.

3. Make sure the camera capture mode is set to High Efficiency. If not, enter it.

If you store a lot of music on your iPhone, you can reclaim a lot of space by downsizing your library.

How To Create More Space On Iphone

4. Find the music app in the list – if you have a large digital music library, chances are it’s at the top of the list – and tap on it.

How To Free Up Space On Your Iphone In 6 Ways

5. Swipe left on an artist you want to delete from your phone and tap Delete. Or you can tap Artists to remove specific albums or even individual tracks. You can see how much space all these songs take up, so choosing is easy. You can also tap Edit and delete multiple artists at once.

Quick Tip: If you keep your downloaded songs in other music apps like Spotify, you need to open that app and remove them from there.

Your web browser’s cache could be taking up a lot of space – all those temporary internet files add up.

If you clear your cache you will be warned that you will be logged out from all websites you are connected to and all cookies will be deleted. But this can save you tens of megabytes.

Backup Methods For Iphone, Ipad, And Ipod Touch

In general, messages don’t take up much space unless there’s a lot of text accompanying the images.

But when every megabyte counts, you can manually delete entire messages or conversations. And you can change your iPhone’s settings to automatically delete older text messages after a month or a year.

4. On the next screen, tap either 30 days or 1 year to keep messages before deleting them.

How To Create More Space On Iphone

5. A pop-up window will ask if you want to delete messages older than 30 days or one year, depending on what you selected. Tap Delete to remove it or Cancel to keep it.

Iphone Storage Full Even After Deleting P…

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TECH How to buy more iCloud storage for your iPhone and how much you pay for each storage plan. Although Apple offers its devices with some fairly large storage options, the cost of these upgrades means users often look for the cheapest option. 64GB – or even 16GB if you have an old model – can fill up quickly, so iPhones are used to freeing up small amounts of storage space.

> General > iPhone Storage and investigated the storage error. There is little evidence of what you can do beyond that. It can be difficult to define this nebulous “Other” category because it can encompass so many different things, from additional Siri voices to uncleared media caches.

How To Delete System Storage On Iphone

Here are some tips on how to reduce that number and free up much-needed space on your device.

If you use Apple’s browser a lot, it builds up a fairly large database and cache. Go to

> General > Find iPhone Storage and Safari. Tap on it and on the next page you will see the “Site Data” option. Swipe left and swipe to delete. You can also do this for offline reading lists and downloads to free up even more space.

How To Create More Space On Iphone

The app can also store a lot of data. It makes sense to regularly check this data and manually delete data that is not required.

How To Free Up Storage Space On Your Iphone

> General > iPhone Storage, then tap the “Messages” or “Show Large Attachments” option at the top. With the former, you can delete individual conversations or media, with the latter, you can easily delete the worst offenders. Just swipe left on an item to easily delete it.

The app can also accumulate quite a large cache, but there is an easy way to clear it. Not quite as easy as pressing a button, but close. The method is to delete your email accounts and then add them again.

> Account and password, then tap the email account, scroll down and tap Delete account. Then confirm “Delete from my iPhone”. Then all you have to do is tap “Back” and then add your account again.

These three tips will get you started, but you can also go through many apps manually to clear cache and downloaded data. Every application is different, but many utilities have a feature to clear cache data. If not, you can always delete and re-download an app to discard everything that was saved in the original install. Much luck!

Pick The Best Iphone Photo Storage App For Backing Up Your Images

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