Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace

Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace – Living room with fireplace and TV: The living room is a gathering place for friends and family, so entertainment options are essential when planning. A coffee table with a few magazines may look cultured and clean, but it actually annoys guests. A fireplace and TV provide entertaining functionality, but they can also clutter the room. From TV placement to room arrangement, I have some design tips and tricks to help your space.

Family rooms can also be a daunting challenge with so many design elements. What furniture to buy, how to place the furniture, what kind of fireplace will be best – these are just a few things to consider before you arrive

Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace

Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace

Luckily, I did the research for you and discovered 30 inspiring designs that incorporate a TV and fireplace without feeling overcrowded.

What To Consider Before Mounting A Tv Above A Fireplace

This spacious example packs equipment with a modern twist. The tall ribbon fireplace adds a luxurious element to the design.

Tilting the TV also helps prevent neck strain when watching from the couch with a lower set. I personally love the spacious and welcoming shape of this tufted sectional, supported by a long marble table.

This design focuses on the atmosphere of the fire and the people around you instead of the TV screen. Ideal for family renewals with quality time in mind.

The distance from the fireplace and TV to the furniture allows them to add ambiance rather than being the focal point.

Beautiful Living Rooms With Fireplaces

The contrast of warm wood and white makes the design elegant and attractive. With the circular arrangement of the furniture, the TV remains visible from every seat.

These olive chairs pop without being too eclectic. A white outdoor fireplace and neutral walls help balance the design.

This design creates two separate gathering spaces – one with a TV and one without. The layout of the rooms is functional for various entertainment purposes, the fireplace tempts guests to relax from all sides.

Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace

I also love the neutral stone fireplace used here. The viewing angle of the TV is ideal from any position.

Stop Hanging Your Television Over Your Fireplace

The different seating areas in this living room arrangement keep the space fresh without pushing anyone to watch TV.

Unlike previous plans, the TV is the focal point here. I was inspired by the cozy sofa with a stone fireplace placed in the corner.

Using a fireplace in the formal dining room makes the transition from dinner to drinks even more natural. The open layout of the living room maintains the flow between the two spaces.

I love the offset geometric design of this mantelpiece and TV. The advantage of this design is that it brightens the room without breaking away from the neutral palette.

Small Living Room Ideas With Tv [with Layout]

A classic mid-century modern take, this open design features a fireplace and television without interrupting the room’s natural flow.

Placing the TV next to the fireplace gives you more opportunities to enjoy the room in different settings.

If you consider the sectional as living room furniture, you can also provide a modern layout to divide the space if it rests on the dining room.

Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace

Orange is a hard color to incorporate – and this design fits it perfectly! Modern minimalist elements keep the space from feeling like it belongs in the 1970s.

Corner Fireplace Ideas That Transform The Living Room

I like that neither the TV nor the fireplace are in the center, giving more freedom in arranging the furniture.

Making the fireplace the centerpiece of the design is an easy way to update it without changing the entire layout of the living room.

You can decorate the traditional rustic style with a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. The cool, jagged stone gives it a modern look, so it doesn’t feel like a frontier home.

When you use a frame to mount your TV, it becomes part of the decor and not just a black piece of technology on the wall.

Living Rooms With A Fireplace And Tv

Elevate your modern design with a fireplace and built-in TV. This allows features like industrial pendant lights to shine, while maintaining its minimalist style.

This living room layout is great for families who want to be together but don’t necessarily do the same activities.

Break away from the traditional by placing the fireplace below the fireplace rather than above it. This design provides additional seating for events without having to rearrange your furniture.

Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace

The strip fireplace and built-in TV fit well in the modern space, so the classic fireplace can be easily moved or removed.

How To Arrange Living Room Furniture With A Tv And Fireplace

The stone fireplace and wall shelves create a great layering effect in this design. Colored stones make the look of the TV wall even more geometric.

I love how the plain black stone of the fireplace creates a focal point that doesn’t distract when the TV is on.

By surrounding your TV and fireplace with floating shelves, you have furniture to accommodate your decor without feeling crowded.

The space of these shelves adds modern appeal while drawing attention to your decorative collection.

Tv Above The Fireplace Design Ideas

This plan is a bibliophile’s dream come true. I love the solid backsplash of the TV and fireplace and the choice of furniture to keep the room modern.

If you plan to dress up the TV wall with bookshelves, it’s important to provide enough natural light to keep the room from feeling small.

The fireplace and lighting structure in this room transforms a simplistic design into art.

Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace

I love the combination of strong lines and curves that adorn this effect around the simple built-in TV and fireplace. The furniture arrangement in this design is unique as it does not include a sofa.

Living Room Layouts With Fireplace & Tvs

Modern furniture like these simple shelves prevent appliances from taking over. The TV is a focal point without actually being the center of attention.

This all-white design brings the cold outside – with some comforts for warm creatures, of course. I love that the wooden coffee table retains its natural look in the cold space.

The fireplace and TV are set against a white wall, which is an excellent choice for an open TV and dining area.

Looking for something new in the mainstream space? Change the focal point to make it feel like a whole new space.

The Perfect Pair: 10 Living Room Ideas With A Fireplace And Tv

Placing a corner fireplace and TV can create a unique design by pushing your furniture into the corner. This can also help separate the connected TV from the dining area.

They offer an opportunity for a bold accent that doesn’t require a complete redesign of the room. A transparent coffee table like this also makes the accent piece shine.

This wooden house brings the best of rustic and modern design. I love the old fashioned fireplace mantel as a fun accent.

Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace

The comparison of the two devices highlights the modern gray background and minimalistic features. I love that this space opens up completely and can be converted into outdoor entertaining and dining.

Living Rooms With Fireplace And Tv That You Have To Check Out!

The unique arrangement of the TV and fireplace creates a more spacious atmosphere in this small living room.

I always recommend placing the TV to save space. If you have limited wall space, the best place for the TV is above the fireplace. If you want to try a more modern arrangement, try moving the TV away from the fireplace to create a geometric twist in the design.

Consider the arrangement of furniture and the importance of the TV and fireplace. If the television is always playing a big game, drawing company around it, then it should be seen from every place. If you want to experience the atmosphere and camaraderie above all, try a more circular setting.

There is more to choosing a fireplace than wood or gas. Choosing the right design for your room is essential to make it natural and comfortable. I like to use strip fireplaces when designing more modern spaces. Traditional log fires are great in a living room with some farmhouse or rustic elements.

Before & After

Designing a family room is a difficult task, especially when you want to include many functions such as a TV and a fireplace. Considering your personal design style and space should be the first step in planning. You can then work on arranging and arranging the furniture and decorations. You’ll know your family room is finally finished when friends and family can’t stop gathering around the new space.

I’d love to hear in the comments how you managed to overcome your TV and fireplace design challenges! Don’t forget to sign up for our email to get more design inspiration sent straight to you.

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Small Living Room Layout With Tv And Fireplace

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