Wall Color Ideas For Small Living Room

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Does your living room feel old? Short and narrow, or broad and casual? Before starting a complete redesign, consider a new paint job.

Wall Color Ideas For Small Living Room

Wall Color Ideas For Small Living Room

In a high-traffic space like your living room, you should consider repainting it every 5 to 7 years. Instead of using the same old shade, be adventurous and try a new color to make the room feel dramatically different.

Picking A Color Scheme For Your House In 2020

If you don’t mind doing it yourself, painting a room can cost as little as $200, and an afternoon or weekend of painting can make your living room feel like a whole new space.

Dark shades can seem intimidating, but don’t hesitate to make a bold statement with dark, dark green. Dark green can bring depth to a room, making your home feel calm and peaceful like a forest. If your living room has plenty of natural light, you don’t have to worry about the space being too dark or cavernous. Choose dark green in a matte finish, which makes the room’s walls feel seamless and expansive—any kind of sheen can make a room feel small.

Having commitment issues? Try painting an accent wall to start. If you like, paint the entire next room.

White people get a bad rap for being stupid or apathetic, but it’s actually the opposite. If your living room feels gray or dated, consider a clean, crisp white to refresh the walls. It’s an old stand-by, but it’s a classic for a reason—painting your walls white can make a small, multi-walled living room feel bigger, brighter.

Amazing Living Room Paint Ideas For An Affordable Makeover

If your living room lacks natural light, white walls will reflect it, making the room light and calm. And, if you have other design features in your living room that you want to “pop,” like a bright sofa or a bold gallery wall, white walls allow those assets to take center stage.

Neutral gray is far from boring. Painting your living room in a chic blue-grey color will instantly add sophistication to the room. One of the great benefits of neutral gray is its ability to complement almost any design style – it will blend into your minimalist living room or perfectly match your farmhouse-inspired decor. A good grill can be a great set for any style.

Classic blue is back in a big way. It is the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year and can make a bold statement in any living room. While it’s all the rage right now, classic blue is both timeless and elegant. It makes a perfect accent wall shade in your living room. Use it to create a room—it can help the eye pick out different spaces in an open-concept home.

Wall Color Ideas For Small Living Room

If you want to make your living room walls a conversation piece, look no further than funky mustard yellow. This color feels both retro and modern and can provide a contrast against the minimalist, white design elements of your living room. As with other dark colors, you’ll want to use a matte finish and make sure you have enough natural light for this shade to reflect the light in the space.

Feature Wall Ideas To Transform Bland Walls

If you want mustard yellow, but have limited sunlight in your living room, enhance what you have by hanging a mirror to reflect and double the incoming light.

Before renovating, or completely redesigning your living room, try a fresh coat of paint in a new shade. It may take some elbow grease to get it done, but it’s the biggest bang for your buck for reimagining a room. A space that feels old, small or uninspiring can be a breath of fresh air. 17 Best Wall Colors for Small Living Rooms (Vibrant and Stylish Options) These paint colors will make any small living room feel bigger and look amazing too! Author : Editor | Last updated: 24 February 2023

There are many tricks to make a small living room feel bigger and one trick is to paint the walls. Of course, the color you choose can make or break your small space.

Why is it so important to choose the right color for your walls? The last thing you want is a color that makes an already small room feel smaller.

Living Room Color Schemes From Bold To Understated

That’s why it’s important to think about how the wall color affects the mood of your space. If you need ideas for your space, here are the seven best wall colors for small living rooms.

One idea is to paint your living room pure white or bright white without blue, pink or gray. A pure white living room feels large, open and airy, which is essential in a small space.

It reflects light to make your living room feel bigger and brighter, and it’s easy to add a pop of color to a mostly white living room. If you can’t decide on a shade for your living room, open a bucket of pure white.

Wall Color Ideas For Small Living Room

You can add a cool tone to the walls with gray-white, moreover, you don’t have to worry about gray making the room feel small. Lighter shades of gray can make a space feel larger, and gray-and-white is a good way to play it safe.

Room Color Ideas

You can also add a splash of soothing color through accents. Additionally, you have the option of adding darker shades of gray to pieces like your pillows and potted plants.

If you want to use a shade of white, but not pure white, consider painting the walls a warm white. It’s no secret that white makes a small room look bigger, but warm undertones create a more cozy atmosphere in your living room.

Imagine how your warm white walls will look with your wood finish. You can also add accessories in warm tones to enhance the atmosphere.

There’s nothing like a creamy yellow to add a bright and cheerful atmosphere to a small room. The yellow shade reflects light to make the space feel more spacious, but the cream tone doesn’t overpower the yellow.

Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Of course, the yellow shade also adds a sense of comfort to your living room, reminding you of a farmhouse-inspired home. It is perfect for adding a cozy atmosphere to make your small room look bigger.

If you want to add a splash of color to your living room walls, you can never go wrong with mint. Like other light shades, mint makes a room feel lighter and brighter, but also keeps your space from feeling too plain or boring.

When you combine mint walls with white trim, you’ll add a clean and fresh look to your living room. You can also enhance the look by using mint throw pillows on your sofa.

Wall Color Ideas For Small Living Room

Gray is a good choice as it comes in different shades. You can use a light gray shade to keep your space bright but cool, or you can mix cool and warm tones in the gray-white shade mentioned earlier.

Beautiful Gray Living Room Ideas

Additionally, it’s easy to add pops of blue, green or pink to a gray living room, and you can also use dark gray accents to expand the room without making it look smaller.

A saturated green color can be one of the best paint colors for small living rooms that require a calm and relaxing atmosphere for a limited space. Combine this color with neutral furniture like white or beige to get a better effect.

If you want to use this shade to paint your walls, our favorite pick is Colonial Revival Sea Green (SW 2825) by Sherwin Williams.

Sky blue is another good soft paint color for small rooms. This shade reflects light to make the space feel bright and open, like an extra window.

Living Room Color Ideas And Paint Color Inspiration

Blue is also good for adding a calming atmosphere to your space, which is always ideal for living rooms. With a blue sky, you don’t have to worry about choosing a shade of blue that’s too dark for a small space.

Alternatively, you can try this light blue gray or light blue. This shade has the same characteristics as the previous one, but comes with a strong gray tone, which makes it look more serious and elegant.

With some warmth and a lively fresh and natural atmosphere from the green and yellow tones, olive green walls will easily enhance the mood of any apartment or small house.

Wall Color Ideas For Small Living Room

Using olive green will make the whole space fun and cheerful, while also adding a deep cool vibe to the relaxing space.

Functional Small Living Room Design Ideas

Teal has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This modern, blue-green color has the advantage of combining both its blue and green hues. So you can get not only a new look but also a lot of cool and airy vibes.

This soft and subtle purple color will add a lot of sparkle to your living space

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