What Is The Best Color For Kitchen Cabinets

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What Is The Best Color For Kitchen Cabinets

What Is The Best Color For Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen design often goes beyond using the latest high-end appliances (although that certainly helps) – and that’s where choosing the right kitchen cabinet colors comes into play. Just like finding the perfect shade for your bedroom or considering bathroom paint colors when it’s time to renovate, the best shade for your kitchen cabinets depends on the decor and lighting in your space.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Choosing a color scheme involves a lot more than browsing through dozens of paint chips at your local hardware store. You will need to consider the other elements of your kitchen – from the backsplash to the floor and the hardware – to ensure that your cabinet colors tie the rest of the design elements together. But who really wants to spend hours exploring an endless selection of samples? That’s why we reached out to a handful of interior design experts to share their favorite cabinet colors, along with the decor styles and hardware options that work best with different hues.

Taking care of your kitchen cabinets is key to making a statement that won’t look dated in a few years, says Thea Home interior designer Dorianne Passman. “We love using shades of gray in our kitchens,” she says. “The neutrality of the gray really keeps the kitchen clean, but still gives it a bold feel.” A shade like Plummett Farrow & Ball, which he recently used in a Beverly Hills home, tends to be more forgiving and “adjusts differently at different times of the day,” the expert notes.

Passman also points out that the style of the cabinet door – rather than the interior design of the room – determines the color of the paint. When it comes to the order of choosing kitchen design elements, he says hardware is last on the list. Once the paint color and countertop are finalized, hardware is chosen to match the look. “We like the hardware to be unique, but not too bold to fit into the overall story of the kitchen and not become boring,” he says.

Designer Alvin Wayne recommends using a darker shade. Kitchen paint colors like Behr’s Cracked Pepper or Broadway are great choices in the muted black family that work especially well with white backsplashes and modern finishes. With its deep, angular undertones, Cracked Pepper can add instant contrast to a bright kitchen – and it’s clear why this designer favorite won its place in Behr’s 2022 Behr Color Trends Palette.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors And Ideas That’ll Kick Your Renovation Into High Gear

Nashville interior designer Lauren Bradshaw suggests Farrow & Ball’s Pavilion Gray if you’re looking for a neutral paint color that “feels warm and soft and pairs well with a white stone like Calacatta marble.” The lacquer gray color of the cabinet is versatile enough to be combined with classic and modern design elements. Bradshaw recommends pairing black hardware with modern fixtures for a modern look, or using brass pulls and knobs if you want a classic feel. “You can change the feel based on hardware and lighting,” Bradshaw suggests.

Consider the undertones when choosing a shade of gray for your kitchen cabinets: If your kitchen leans towards a modern style, choose cooler tones for a sleek finish. Traditional designs go well with warm colors and earthy decorations.

When it comes to choosing between neutrals and brights for your kitchen cabinets, Wayne points out that your personal style plays the most important part: “It honestly depends on the tone or aesthetic of your home or the look you’re going for you go for it,” he said. the designer. . For example, if your kitchen walls are painted a warm neutral shade, shades like Behr’s Breezeway can add a bright and playful character while complementing modern cabinetry.

What Is The Best Color For Kitchen Cabinets

ForHaus Interior Nina Freudenberger, Farrow & Ball Studio Green is the best choice. “I think dark colors are very popular at the moment because people like to feel more like bespoke furniture than a standard white kitchen,” he says. “Also, I think adding color to the dark range is a way to make it special. I’m in the process of redoing my kitchen in Los Angeles, and [Studio Green] feels so versatile. It goes from warm black to dark green and really changes throughout the day.”

Green Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration + Best Green Paint Colors

If you’re deciding between lighter shades and bold, dark tones for your kitchen counter, House of Harvey’s Krystal Dahaby makes a strong case for maintaining an open and airy feel. The designer used Lexicon Quarter in his own space. “I prefer to use lighter colors in the kitchen to make it light, bright and fresh! However, if I had a space full of beautiful natural light, I would definitely add some shades darker,” he notes.

“If you’re going to have a wow moment, paint the kitchen island a bright color and the rest of the cupboards in a darker or neutral shade,” suggests Wayne. Benjamin Moore’s Caribbean blue makes this kitchen island the focal point of the room, while a softer shade of gray on the main cabinets allows natural light to reflect into the space. The muted yellow on the kitchen door provides a complementary accent to tie the floral decor together.

“Most clients are thinking about resale,” says Portland interior designer Max Humphrey, so stick to versatile tones like white, gray or olive. These kitchen cabinet colors translate well to almost any decor style, while brighter shades work best on walls. The designer notes that the lighter shades “are much easier to paint if the color is sick.” For white kitchens, she prefers Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee, an off-white shade that helps soften the space while maintaining shine.

For a burst of bright color that pairs well with white walls, choose shades such as Misted Fen by Noeth Lliwiau. Inspired by sea foam, this shade is full of vibrant undertones that can stand out in any room, but thanks to its subtle finish, it still works well with modern kitchen designs. We love the combination of white marble countertops, woven bar stools, and light blue pendant lights that complete this design.

The Most Popular Kitchen Paint Colors

Dulux’s Natural White is another popular shade for Dahabs, especially for its ability to match different design styles and decor. “Always bring your chosen color into your space to see how it looks in your light,” he says. “If you are confused, choose white. It is classic and beautiful and will never date! You can always add color to your interior.”

“Dark cabinets work well for those who cook a lot and don’t have problems with spills and stains,” explains interior stylist Kirsten Grove. “I can hide disasters. She also notes that whimsical colors “transition beautifully into transitional kitchens,” a useful way to combine modern and classic design elements. This design trick allows your cabinets to draw attention to the space. For her own kitchen, Grove used Benjamin Moore’s raccoon fur. “The deep gray blue is another win for me,” he said.

In terms of hardware, Grove says dark and light cabinets work well with brass accents. “Schoolhouse Electric offers a classic mid-century brass collection that can be paired with modern or traditional cabinetry. I also love the black leather and brass handles from Renewal.”

What Is The Best Color For Kitchen Cabinets

In this Portland home, interior designer Emily Henderson was careful not to go overboard with whites and grays (thanks to the Pacific Northwest weather, there’s plenty of those colors outside). Instead, she chose Pewter Green from Sherwin-Williams. This classic shade provides an elegant contrast to the white marble countertops and light tile backsplash. With plenty of natural accents and gold hardware throughout the room, Pewter Green brings an inviting warmth to the space while adding a bold statement to its final look.

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For a dramatic, whimsical feel, go dark with black in the kitchen for an element of contrast – options like Blackboard Magnolia Home create a softer look. Most importantly, Wayne points out that paint colors should be tested in small batches before choosing the right shade to commit to: “I would suggest getting a paint sample and living with it for a few days to see how it changes the light.” suggests the designer.

“Light white cabinets are perfect for someone who wants a classic, timeless look in their kitchen,” explains Grove. A color like Benjamin Moore’s Simply White goes well with stainless steel hardware, he says. Pair the shade with a white background and light countertops for a clean, bright look, or choose darker countertops to add contrast to your space.

“I like to experiment with paint colors,” said Dahaby. “When I design a new space, I get a lot of swatches and color swatches in the space to narrow it down.” If you’re looking for your own experiment, choose a vibrant color that also includes earthy tones

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